Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tis Spring!

And a Happy Vernal Equinox to all! The last couple of months have been filled with the late winter doldrums, some lessons about myself, and some readjustments.

3 days after my last post my laptop crashed, died. I was devastated, panicking. What would I do without it? Without what I have come to depend on for my connection with the world? And news and weather, since I don't watch much TV.

I have a couple of wonderful friends that generously lent me laptops, securing my online time. But it really made me think about where my priorities have drifted of late. Over the last couple months, while I waited for my tax refund and shopped for a replacement, I found that I wasn't reading or even picking up my deck very often at all. I seemed to just amble along in a kind of limbo, not wanting to progress with anything. A time of just being and waiting.

The Sidhe have been whispering to me the last week or so....."Don't you see that spring is almost here? That it's time to begin again?" So here I am on the First Day of Spring, priorities reconsidered and organized, getting back into forward motion, and picking up my Tarot of the Sidhe and journal entries.

My first one card draw, done yesterday, was the Maker Princess. She would be considered the Page of Pentacles. Her title on the bottom of the card is "Gift of Creativity"! And her keywords are: Creative, Productive, Fertility, Patient, Generous, Diligent.
Her poem:
She is the deepest jewels of Earth,
She knows the art and what it's worth,
With Maker's gift her belly grows,
She is both seed and where it grows....

And what an appropriate card to draw on the eve of the Equinox! With a case of Spring Fever, I'm not so patiently waiting for true spring to get here, which may be a while yet, in unpredictable Michigan!

In the meantime, she has some guidance for me. The card is filled with green, and crystals, a bright sunrise coming up over the mountain behind her. She sits on a green blanket/cloth, very pregnant. In her hand she holds a few of the crystals and as she glances sideways toward me, she is cautioning that in this time of beginnings, take care to choose only a few of the projects and ideas bursting in my brain. Begin the same way the season does, gradually. Take the time to do those few things well.

Yesterday afternoon I heard birdsong and realized how quiet it's been as the Earth awaits Spring!



DB said...

Leigh, sudden;y being without a computer is like coming home alone and finding that your front door key doesn't work any more.

Im glad you got fixed up and are getting some good readings.


Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

Here it is a year later...
I'm looking forward to sharing this year's journey with you! Isn't that the sweetest little compass?

Sharyn Mallow Woerz said...

edited to add: :)
Holy cow you have a lot of dead blogs on your side bar! I'll bet they were all pdr's, right?

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