Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From Full Moon to Full Moon...

...without a post. It doesn't seem like it's been a whole month since I last posted. I've done a few readings and some daily draws, but not journaled them here, and haven't been consistent about any of it. My work schedule picked up, which is good for the wallet, but bad for working on my personal projects. It's not permanent though-that's one of the downsides of my work, the ups and downs of it.

I drew cards for the Full Moon Spread. I'm seeing some progressions between this spread and it's sister New Moon Spread as the moon moves from new to full and back again.

I drew the cards on Monday morning(no Rx), then spent the day working and running errands, so didn't get a chance to interpret them till Tuesday morning.

1. What can be seen with clarity. So bright it can even blind you.
The Magician. The process of creating and beginnings. I know what my direction is, what steps I need to take. My tools are in place. For a long time, I've stuttered in taking the first steps in changes I "know" it is time to make. The Magician is a not so subtle message to do this Now! I love the message of the Magician from the book. "Open yourself to the power of Awen and Nuyfre, of inspiration and life-force, and let it flow through you and into the world."

2. What gets completed, closes a cycle. Eight of Pentacles. Ths card is one I had to spend some time with. What have I finished? What is complete? One tarot bag is done, the other will be by Thursday afternoon. The long hours at work will continue for a week or more, before being adjusted. I've got a great deal of spring cleaning to do yet, and will be paring down possessions, so that's not really 'done'. The only cycle I can think of that is closing/changing is more of a Cups type issue.

3. What begins to fade away, to darken, or needs to? Eight of Swords. The position, the imagery, my personal experiences over the last few weeks, have me glad to see this card in this spot. To have these energies-the blindfolded feeling of indecision, my feelings of insecurity and the hurt of exclusion by my family- fade away now, shows that I am working through all this and coming to a place of acceptance.

4. Yourself. Shadow card from the base of the deck. The High Priestess. Okay, not the card I would expect to see here, but one that may be more of an encouragement to continue. That I do have what I need within me, all I've got to do is unlock it, allow it to grow, to breathe.

It was a pretty powerful reading for me. There was alot of detail that I wrote in my paper journal that I haven't shared here. Personal 'stuff'.

I've gotten my Froud's "Faeries' Oracle" and the "Heart of Faerie Oracle". I've been spending some time getting to know them, and it's intriguing to see what they have to say to me. One of the themes is that I'm being too serious. Yeah, I know, but that's just kind of who I am right now. I'm joining in the Faerie Seeker Circle April reading group, it's a short spread, but may not be a short interpretation by any means. It'll be interesting.

Spring can be/is a busy time of year, I need to get myself more organized/get that cleaning done, so that I can spend more time back with my cards. Till next time....


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Tarot Mama said...

Beautiful reading, Leigh. I can relate to so much of this, especially the hesitating to take those first steps toward needed changes and feeling excluded by family. Thank you a million times over for sharing this.


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