Sunday, October 31, 2010

IDS Daily Draw

Outer Energies- Five of Swords
Today I am the defeated one. Walking away frome the battle with my head hung low and empty handed, my weapons forfeit. The fives are about transformation, and indeed, I am looking at transforming things in my life, yet again.

Inner Energies- Three of Cups
I'm disappointed that the DruidCraft thinks I need reminded fo the comraderie and joy shared by friends on a day like this. I am sad because there is none, nor am I going to do anything to encourage these energies in the near, or far for that matter, future. I've given up. The hand that was extended has been withdrawn and is now held close to my heart, to keep it from falling out of my chest.

Today, which is considered the Celtic New Year, I am renewing efforts to learn about Celtic Spirituality, chakras, my 'self'. I'm embarking on a year of solitary quest and learning, healing, with Tarot as a tool for bringing that which lies hidden in my core out to be examined and transformed. I have much to learn.

Friday, October 22, 2010

IDS DruidCraft Daily Draw- October 22nd, 2010

Outer Energies- The World XXI
This is the second daily draw in a row(I missed yesterday) that shows The World for outer energies. And as we all know, the same card can have different messages in different readings. Today The World is speaking of having all the 'tools' I need to move through the day, and complete my tasks. My world is what 'I create' it to be. The simplicity of the card speaks of keeping what I need and shedding some of the clutter-mental and material-that no longer serves me.

Just as holding on to emotions from the past can hinder my life, too much 'stuff' and in a way, the emotions attached to the acquiring and keeping of said 'stuff', hinders my growth. The removal of these things can free up the space I need for moving in my world more confidently and easily.

Inner Energies- The Queen of Cups
She looks so serene and connected with her world. The queens represent the integration of their suits' qualities, an inner knowing. The Full Moon, which is indeed full right now, shines above her outstretched cup, as if offering it's blessings to her. It is time for me to pay closer attention to the Moon's cycles and her influences in my life.

Again, a message to free myself from that which does not serve me. To take control of my emotions and realize that holding on to old feelings of resentment and hurt hinder my growth as a spiritual being. We all crave the approval of those closest to us, of who we are and what we believe in. When that approval doesn't happen, do we change ourselves into someone we're not? Wholeness comes in living according to your spirituality and doing that which is right for yourself. If 'so and so' says you should wear orange, but you think orange is dreadful, do you wear it in order to gain their approval? It's not worth it. A hard lesson to learn, as it can leave you feeling bereft if you're not confident in who 'you' are.

I have neglected posting my readings, doing the 'homework' lately. Finding my focus and concentrating on my path have fallen by the wayside of procrastination and wasting precious time. My birthday readings indicate that the coming year will be filled with lessons to pay close attention to, and growth. But only if I am doing the work, seeking the knowledge and experiencing it's infulences in my life.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Progress, Slow But Sure...

If I hadn't just jumped in with both feet, I'd still be seesawing back and forth in my decision-making process. Wanting to do this study, thinking about things to do to "prepare" before starting, putting it off because I haven't done anything to "prepare". I'd probably never 'get started'. Here I am, ready or not!

I'm doing daily draws, and starting to read in the book. As I come across things I don't know or understand, I'll be researching them. I was going to do a card by card study, but thought I'd look at what makes this deck unique first. I've been reading about the story of Ceridwen and Taliesin, and I'll be posting what I learn. I'll also be reading up on Pythagoras and the Numerology. I think these are pretty good places to start.

Short and sweet. I'll post my New Moon reading tomorrow.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thoughts on Beginning My IDS

Just jumping into a project like an IDS(Intensive Deck Study) without much more than some scattered thoughts on how to go about it may seem reckless/foolish. But the start of the new IDS thread at AT was a sign that "Yes, you should do this now!". So now I scramble to get myself organized and set up a study plan of sorts.

This is my first IDS, and I haven't done a serious study of anything in a long time, so I'm quite unsure on how to go about this. The logical place is the companion book, going through it from beginning to end, and make use of the resources listed on the Further Reading/Resources page in the back. To look up and research anything I am unfamiliar with as I go along. Would that be too random of a study? Would I become lost on some side path along the way?

With a deck like The DruidCraft, there are many avenues of study. The spiritual systems that the deck stems from, their symbols on the individual cards, the significance of the plants and animals on the cards, the numerology to list a few possibilities.

I've set a 3 month timeframe to start with, but for such an enormous undertaking that seems rather short. I can, of course, extend that time period, and modify my pledge accordingly. The thing is.....all my decks, except those listed for this study will be put away. I'll miss them. I'll be tempted to get one or two out for play(Froud's Faeries and Heart of Faerie, especially). I know that I can endure for the 3 month original study, but after that? *sigh*

While I have a paper journal and notebook for this, I want to use this blog as well. I can type faster(more legibly) than handwriting, so my thoughts can be captured before they fall out the swiss cheese holes of my brain. Then I'll copy the notes and readings into my paper versions. That may seem like extra work, but it will also help set it all into the recesses of my memory.

I think that's enough for now, I've got a two card daily draw to interpret and post in DruidCraft Daily Draws, then other things to occupy my time throughout the day, I'll come back later and post them here, as well.

Please feel free to leave comments on any of my posts, I need all the helpful suggestions and encouragement I can get!


Friday, October 1, 2010


Just a quick little post tonight. I've decided to do an IDS(Intensive Deck Study) with the DruidCraft. Whew! I've been thinking about it for over a month, and have changed my mind a few times, back and forth, back and forth. Yesterday I signed up in the IDS thread. I'll use this blog as my IDS journal as well as keep the PDR going.

I have alot of other things that I'm working on right now, and am not organized at all, but I started today anyway. Now I just need to form a study plan, starting with either the Majors or the Court cards(the book starts with them), and post my pledge in the Intensive Deck Study Reboot thread on AT. I need to go write that now, so....