Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Moon Lunacy

Well, so much for posting more often. Heck, I just got caught up with everyone else's blogs.

I've been working on a project, though. Members on Aeclectic's Forum are creating a Frankenstein Patchwork tarot deck and I'm creating the bag for it. In a crazy quilt style, it has little patches of all different fabrics, all different patterns and colors. It's been loads of fun and is giving me all kinds of ideas for making some bags for my decks, stirring my creative juices which have lain rather dormant for most of the winter.

Today is the Full Moon and Eowyn has created a

Full Moon Spread, a sister spread for the new moon spread(my last entry). I drew the cards this morning, then had to leave for work, so am just now getting it posted. I used my DruidCraft with no Rx.

Full Moon Spread

#1. What can be seen with clarity, so bright that it can even blind you? 10 of Wands.
At this time, I have alot of "irons in the fire". Especially the projects and changes I'm making in my life. It will be an uphill battle for me to move forward with these. Within the bundle on my back are burdens(emotional and material) that I must work to eliminate. The little plants and flowers tucked in the rocks and along the sides of the path, are reminders that there will be beauty and small discoveries along the way. I must remember to look for them/seek them out.

#2. What gets completed? What closes a cycle? 2 of Cups.
Unhealthy emotional attachments, my need to feel that I "fit in" around here. The truth is that I don't. For the purpose of practicality, I live here with the people I do(family), but am very much an outsider. It is time to examine my hurt and sadness and put it behind me.

#3. What begins to fade away, to darken, to abandon you...or what needs to be? 5 of Swords.
The conflicts, the feeling of defeat, of personal failure, the self-doubt(the warrior walking away, head down, in the background), the voice of the inner critic that taunts me at every turn needs to be silenced(the sword under the victor's foot).

#0. Yourself-Shadow card from the base of the deck. Princess of Swords.
She looks toward the future, gazing at the sword in her left hand, that is wrapped in a ribbon that she holds in her right hand, her connection to wisdom and understanding. From the book(I really do need to work on the courts): The Princesses Keywords - Potential, Beginnings, Exploration, Study. Princess of Swords Keywords - Inquisitive, Objective, Aloof.
Me-I need to adopt some of her objectivity and aloofness, tucking away my insecurity and that "need to fit in" that leaves me feeling hurt and lonely. I have much to do for myself and don't have time for this emotional baggage that no longer serves me.

Druid Plant Oracle Inspiration: Nettle. Keywords - Irritation, Hidden Gifts, Transmutation. The nettle is reminding me that while in the beginning there will be some discomfort and pain, perserverance will have its own rewards in reaching that "inner healing", the transformation that awaits me.

Druid Animal Oracle State of Being: Fire Dragon. Keywords - Transmutation, Mastery, Energy. "Draig-teine(Fire Dragon) brings vitality, enthusiasm, and courage, and an increased ability to overcome obstacles and to find the energy needed to cope with life's problems.

Summary-I have much to accomplish, and I've got to lighten the burden for the uphill climb to my "whole" self. This reading says to me that I need to do alot of inner work, as well as outer, to reach my summit. Over the past month I've had several readings that indicate new starts, beginnings, growth. With the Quickening Full Moon, the seeds are beginning to swell and I've got to get my butt in gear-everything is in place.


:) Leigh

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Moon Spread

I love this spread! It was created by Eowyn and found here on Aeclectic.

With only 4 cards it can be read as lightly or as deeply as you'd like. I added an inspiration card from my DPO, which really brought even more into the reading.


Drawn from the top of the deck:
#1. What lays on your dark depths? What is unseen?
#2. What will begin to show, to arise?
#3. What will illuminate the dark path? The key in the night.
And finally:
#0. Yourself. Shadow card, drawn from the base of the deck. I drew and read this position last.

#1. What lays on your dark depths? Princess of Wands. She's shown up a few times for me lately and I'm surprised she didn't show up reversed. I'm rather timid/hesitant, with little self-confidence, and I can be a terrible procrastinator, easily distracted into wasting time on inconsequential things. She's not being so patient with me, now. She's showing me that I can leave the doubts/fears behind-the line of clouds in the background and clear sky above her, the light showing on the road beneath her feet are all signs of moving forward.
From the book-"may also indicate a general quickening of the pace of life-a new phase of activity just starting."

#2. What will begin to show, to arise? The Lord. He sits on a stone throne, a strong foundation. He wears a red cape showing confidence and authority. His green robes under his breastplate are indicating a strong earthly connection/basis. I wasn't sure about the bird in the sky, so I resorted to the book.
From the book-"The eagle represents the powers of consciousness, clarity and analytical thought."
"The message of The Lord is: Take control of your life and offer clear and firm boundaries to those who depend on you. Lead your life by being true to your values and you will accomlish great things."

#3. What will illuminate the dark path? The key in the night. Prince of Swords. Sword drawn, shield in place, his horse on the move, he is ready for action. I need to begin 'doing' more toward my personal goals, creating the changes in my life.
From the book-"a radical change in your lifestle or your routine-a whole new life may open up for you."

#0. Yourself. Shadow card drawn from the base of the deck. 10 of Wands Rx. The wands strapped to his back, he trudges up a rocky hillside, however in the reversed position will some of those wands slip out of the strap? I hope so. I'm tired of the burdens I carry, inner as well as outer. This is about leaving them behind, shedding what no longer applies in my life. Leaving behind my misplaced sense of responsibility for others-my penchant to sacrifice meeting my needs for others. This goes back a long way for me, carried over from my marriage and taking care of my husband during his disability.
From the book-"The opportunity exists for you to free yourself of burdens. It may occur as a conscious change of attitude or behavior, in which your reprioritize your life. A more balanced and rewarding time awaits you."

My interpretation- In the dark, the beginnings of my true path await me. My foundation is solid, home, work, my outer life is stable. It is time for me to 'walk the talk' and live my life by being true to my values, reprioritizing my needs and creating a new lifestyle for myself, by freeing myself from the burdens from the past that have weighed my "being" down. Simplify, declutter, shed the detritus of that which no longer serves me.

I drew a card from the Druid Plant Oracle for inspiration.
Ivy. Keywords- Prophecy, Connection, Death and Rebirth.
Confirming my need to free myself from burdens(inner ones with this card) resolving inner conflict and fears. By becoming more aware of myself and my limitations, I can connect with my true creativity and that which inspires me.

I got a good start yesterday, working in my bedroom, rearranging the bookcase and sorting through some boxes of books for trade-ins at the used bookstore(making room for more decks and books). I do think this spring will be filled with changes for me. And certainly, with study and learning. I'm very adept at planning and even taking the first steps on new starts-only to fall into old habits and discouragement, that's got to change.

I should have my Druid Animal Oracle within a week, and my Mugwort card will be sent out at the end of this week. I went to the OBOD website to request the replacement and spent some time looking at what Druidry is. I'll be visiting there again.

Till later...

:) Leigh

Monday, February 15, 2010

The last week or so has been rather enlightening for me. I had a busy work schedule, which in some ways is good, but when you've got personal projects calling your name, it becomes a clock watching game. This week is much calmer and I'm looking forward to having a day off today, and maybe Friday if I'm lucky.

I didn't do much reading with my DruidCraft, but I've got a good excuse(reason). I trimmed the white border off it and the Druid Plant Oracle, taking 4 evenings to finish them. I was very nervous about doing this, but my inner self said "make it yours"! They're now a bit smaller, and richer in color, and a tiny bit uneven, but I Love Them! (someday, I'll be confident enough to trim the card names off, too)

I also completed my "First Ever" reading for someone else with my DPO in the Oracle Reading Circle. I can hear you saying to yourself, "ah, no biggie, I do it all the time". But, for me, it was a major breakthrough. I'm not very confident in my 'skills' and have only just recently begun to listen to my intuition. Just listening to what the images are saying to me, not checking the book till after I've done my interpretation. The reading went very well, once I got past my nerves and my exchange partner(rachelcat) was very pleased with it. It's here.

Will I do more readings for others? Maybe eventually, but I've got alot more study to do first. I'm going to work through "21 Ways To Read a Tarot Card" and practice, practice, practice on myself first. When I picked up my first deck of tarot cards, it wasn't about learning to read for others, it was about learning more about myself and healing. It still is. I've also gotten "Tarot Shadow Work" by Christine Jette, lined up for my second "course".

I'm planning on coming back here more often-this week and in the future, making a deeper commitment to my studies, now that some of my 'other life' stresses have lessened(long story). I find myself rather Tarot Addicted right now!

Till then....

:) Leigh

Friday, February 5, 2010

A reflection of my progress in my PDR

This spread was adapted by Onyx for use in reading exchanges for members of the PDR group. I'm not participating for a few different reasons, one being that I've just switched decks. I've done the reading for myself with the DruidCraft, though, gaging my own progress.

Primary Deck Reflection Spread.

#1. How am I progressing with my PDR?
Queen of Pentacles.
This Queen is very earthy, practical(pragmatic), using what is available to her to it's utmost, as indicated by using a long bone to strike her drum(the animal's skin). She represents late winter, noting the snowdrops in the foreground.
Keywords taken from the AT study group-
A very grounded figure
Listening to your intstincts
This queen is comfortable in her own skin
My thoughts- How am I progressing? Not as well as I'd hoped. But, I think by changing to a deck that is more grounded in my spiritual background, my growth as a reader will bring a more thorough understanding, albeit slow progress. I've got to listen more to my instincts. As a late winter representation, this card shows the promise of beginnings. I guess in certain aspects I do relate to this Queen.

#2. Why do I need to do this PDR?
Prince of Pentacles
This Prince sits atop his horse with his sword drawn, but down at his side, as if in preparation for battle/competition. The background for this card also shows dawn/late winter.
My knowledge of the Court Cards is fairly limited, and the companion book places them first, giving me an opportunity to become better acquainted with them. I know Princes/Knights are action and he's saying that this will help me develop a more practical/methodical approach in my learning.

#3. What problems am I facing with my PDR?
King of Swords

This King's message is that I need to be honest with myself about my level of commitment to study, to become more disciplined and thorough. He's sitting there on his throne with his hand on his chin-reminding me of a study hall monitor, just waiting for someone to disrupt the atmosphere of quiet study.

#4. What do I need to focus on developing in my PDR?
The Wheel
A woman is constructing a sacred circle in the beach sand with her wand, at the entrance of a cave. The area is surrounded by a low circle of stones, indicating a secluded, protected area. The only other thing she has brought into her circle is a pendant/necklace with the Wheel of the Year/the eight spokes that represent the eight Sabbats, the cycles of Life. The image is quite different from other depictions of the Wheel of Fortune.
I get the feeling that she isn't creating this circle to perform ritual or magical workings, but as a space for contemplation of the hidden mysteries of life. That's why she chose the entrance to this cave, it's mysteries hidden from view in the recesses.
She's inviting me to look deeper.

#5. What can I gain from this PDR?
The Hermit
He stands on a cliff at sunset, a wolf is his only companion. A waning crescent moon shines through the clouds. The Hermit, to me, represents introspection. Of taking the time to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.

Overall message. Having stumbled along for the first month, changing my deck and "starting over" has brought me back on track. I have a great deal to learn from/about this deck and my PDR. I've got to develop stronger discipline in my study habits, becoming more thorough in my research. With the gudiance of this deck, I will gain greater understanding of Tarot, and of my life/spirituality.

On reading in the study group threads, I discovered that the "rooster" is a hen. A representation of Ceridwen from the story of Taliesin. I've also seen the Hermit's lantern in meditation, just the lantern. Not knowing what it referred to, I journaled about it and waited. When I received my DruidCraft and saw the Hermit card I immediately recognized the connection.

It does, however need a trim. A new pair of Fiskars(on sale for $5) and a corner rounder came home with me from the craft store last night. I'm nervous about doing this, yet excited to make this deck even more my own.

:) Leigh

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I believe that things happen for a reason, everything has its timing. Last week I mentioned that I wanted to change my PDR deck to the DruidCraft. I was going to begin working with it on Thursday night or Friday. Other things needed my attention, and for the Full Moon I did the reading that appeared in the Wolf Moon Tonight thread in Talking Tarot, with my Tarot of Dreams. It was a very insightful reading and took me a few days to interpret. I intended to post it here this morning, but the notebook I wrote it up in has vanished. Disappeared. Or maybe it's just hidden from my sight for now.

So, this morning I reached for the DruidCraft.

I hadn't done more than go through DruidCraft to make sure it was all there and read the introduction in the book. Hadn't even shuffled it once. I wanted fresh perspective for my first reading. I used this reading by Wisp Wings, with a bit of rewording. I really liked the layout of the spread, with nothing to the left(past energies).


#1. The Foundation. What do you want me to know about you? Rebirth(XX) "I'm not like the other decks you've been working with. I'm here to help tie your work/learning in Tarot and your spiritual growth together."

#2. Height of Learning. What will you teach me? 5 of Cups "Although your path is solitary, your connections to nature and your pagan beliefs are strong, embrace that connection, for you are never truly alone."

#3. The Core, the Heart. What will our relationship be like? The High Priest(V) "We will have a strong spiritual connection. It is time for you to grow your knowledge/awareness with my guidance."

#4. Collaborating. How can I best learn from you? The Magician "Keep your eyes and mind open. You've seen the rooster before." *Ohhhh, yes I have.*

On the Magician image there is a black rooster. It was one of the first things that caught my eye on the card. He appeared to me in a meditation a couple months ago, along with another black, a red and a white(On a white porch rail). I couldn't figure out what exactly those roosters stood for. It puzzled me, and I just wrote it down, thinking there would come a time when I would finally understand. Now I understand.

The image of the 5 of Cups is a lone figure wearing a hooded robe and barefoot-standing on a riverbank, gazing out into the water, watching a fish jump. 3 cups are spilled on the ground, 2 full cups sit on a flat rock behind him/her. I immediately saw this as a representation of myself in surroundings near where I live. I connected immediately. The High Priest is sitting there just waiting for me to take my seat and begin.

As I practice my intuitive skills-minimal-I take a shot at just reading the image on the card, recording it and then going to the companion book for added insight. There is alot of symbolism in this deck that I need to learn, and with the help of the Druid Plant Oracle that I haven't started learning yet(but need to start) and finding the Druid Animal Oracle, which I think will all tie in together fabulously, I think it's safe to say that I'll be spending a great deal of time with this trio.(sorry about the confusing run-on sentence)

Now is the time!