Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting back to it.

One of the things I seem to struggle with is maintaining a journalling practice, and looking at my life through tarot, when things get a bit overwhelming. This is when it is most beneficial, yet one of the first things to be ignored. So it's time for recommitting myself to these practices, and trying again.

Outer Energies-The Lovers VI
Aside from the obvious references, the Lovers represent making choices and living them. This is the theme for me lately. I've got to stand firm in my beliefs and actions in my mundane life, as well as spiritual and tarot practices. Some of these choices aren't easy, but the right ones for my life.

Inner Energies-Prince of Cups
Along with the Lovers guiding my choices, the Prince of Cups holds his chalice out in a salute of encouragement/strength. He wears a sober expression, as these are tough emotions I'm dealing with right now. They're painful memories of mistrust and being let down by those you should be able to trust and love, because they're family, and eating away at my trust in my own judgement, as well.

At times like these it is quite painful to not be able to depend on the people in your life. Lessons on trusting in myself, learning to take care of my own needs above theirs, are hard, and may in the long run, leave me alone again.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Trimming and integrating-IDS Daily Draw

Outer Energies- Seven of Pentacles
Today's outer energies express exactly what I need to be doing. Harvesting, pruning, trimming away- things(including emotions) that no longer serve me in my life right now. Winter approaches and in order to do the things I need to do for myself, I have much to work on, eliminate.

Inner Energies- Two of Cups
Today this card speaks to me of integrating the feminine and masculine energies/traits in my inner life. Seeking strength, wisdom, grace and compassion to face the trials that lay ahead of me.

I'm not sure what-all I will be facing, not sure what way things will go or where that will leave me, or what I'll need to do. That's the tough part, I can't exactly prepare, other than building my inner strengths and reorganizing and decluttering my life. Yes, the possibility that I'll have to do it all over again is strong, so this could be lookked at as a practice run.....*sigh*

Monday, November 1, 2010

IDS Daily Draw, November 1st, 2010

Outer Energies- Seven of Pentacles
I love the beauty of this card. The druid apprentice harvests mistletoe from an oak tree on the Winter Solstice, with a golden sickle(knife). The seven pentacles are carved into the stone next to the oak tree. The sky behind the tree is an early morning bright.
Harvesting, trimming, pruning, and the wait from the Solstice onward for the light to gradually return. The strength of an oak tree, the tenacity of the mistletoe to survive, being a plant that grows in winter, when all other plants are at rest. These are things that come to mind when I see this card. It is a day for pruning some of the excess/unneeded out of my life. A time for patience, for letting the seed have the time it needs to grow and mature.

Inner Energies- The Lovers
The Lovers card signifies a joining, a choice to commit to something, as the lovers have committed to this act of love. Committing to this path I have taken my first steps on, is a major/tough decision for me. The loneliness and lack of companionship are painful for me, yet I feel these lessons have to be learned without the distraction/disappointment of trying to fit in and have social connections with others. And over the last day it has become clear that this is the way it will "simply" be, for now.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

IDS Daily Draw

Outer Energies- Five of Swords
Today I am the defeated one. Walking away frome the battle with my head hung low and empty handed, my weapons forfeit. The fives are about transformation, and indeed, I am looking at transforming things in my life, yet again.

Inner Energies- Three of Cups
I'm disappointed that the DruidCraft thinks I need reminded fo the comraderie and joy shared by friends on a day like this. I am sad because there is none, nor am I going to do anything to encourage these energies in the near, or far for that matter, future. I've given up. The hand that was extended has been withdrawn and is now held close to my heart, to keep it from falling out of my chest.

Today, which is considered the Celtic New Year, I am renewing efforts to learn about Celtic Spirituality, chakras, my 'self'. I'm embarking on a year of solitary quest and learning, healing, with Tarot as a tool for bringing that which lies hidden in my core out to be examined and transformed. I have much to learn.

Friday, October 22, 2010

IDS DruidCraft Daily Draw- October 22nd, 2010

Outer Energies- The World XXI
This is the second daily draw in a row(I missed yesterday) that shows The World for outer energies. And as we all know, the same card can have different messages in different readings. Today The World is speaking of having all the 'tools' I need to move through the day, and complete my tasks. My world is what 'I create' it to be. The simplicity of the card speaks of keeping what I need and shedding some of the clutter-mental and material-that no longer serves me.

Just as holding on to emotions from the past can hinder my life, too much 'stuff' and in a way, the emotions attached to the acquiring and keeping of said 'stuff', hinders my growth. The removal of these things can free up the space I need for moving in my world more confidently and easily.

Inner Energies- The Queen of Cups
She looks so serene and connected with her world. The queens represent the integration of their suits' qualities, an inner knowing. The Full Moon, which is indeed full right now, shines above her outstretched cup, as if offering it's blessings to her. It is time for me to pay closer attention to the Moon's cycles and her influences in my life.

Again, a message to free myself from that which does not serve me. To take control of my emotions and realize that holding on to old feelings of resentment and hurt hinder my growth as a spiritual being. We all crave the approval of those closest to us, of who we are and what we believe in. When that approval doesn't happen, do we change ourselves into someone we're not? Wholeness comes in living according to your spirituality and doing that which is right for yourself. If 'so and so' says you should wear orange, but you think orange is dreadful, do you wear it in order to gain their approval? It's not worth it. A hard lesson to learn, as it can leave you feeling bereft if you're not confident in who 'you' are.

I have neglected posting my readings, doing the 'homework' lately. Finding my focus and concentrating on my path have fallen by the wayside of procrastination and wasting precious time. My birthday readings indicate that the coming year will be filled with lessons to pay close attention to, and growth. But only if I am doing the work, seeking the knowledge and experiencing it's infulences in my life.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Progress, Slow But Sure...

If I hadn't just jumped in with both feet, I'd still be seesawing back and forth in my decision-making process. Wanting to do this study, thinking about things to do to "prepare" before starting, putting it off because I haven't done anything to "prepare". I'd probably never 'get started'. Here I am, ready or not!

I'm doing daily draws, and starting to read in the book. As I come across things I don't know or understand, I'll be researching them. I was going to do a card by card study, but thought I'd look at what makes this deck unique first. I've been reading about the story of Ceridwen and Taliesin, and I'll be posting what I learn. I'll also be reading up on Pythagoras and the Numerology. I think these are pretty good places to start.

Short and sweet. I'll post my New Moon reading tomorrow.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thoughts on Beginning My IDS

Just jumping into a project like an IDS(Intensive Deck Study) without much more than some scattered thoughts on how to go about it may seem reckless/foolish. But the start of the new IDS thread at AT was a sign that "Yes, you should do this now!". So now I scramble to get myself organized and set up a study plan of sorts.

This is my first IDS, and I haven't done a serious study of anything in a long time, so I'm quite unsure on how to go about this. The logical place is the companion book, going through it from beginning to end, and make use of the resources listed on the Further Reading/Resources page in the back. To look up and research anything I am unfamiliar with as I go along. Would that be too random of a study? Would I become lost on some side path along the way?

With a deck like The DruidCraft, there are many avenues of study. The spiritual systems that the deck stems from, their symbols on the individual cards, the significance of the plants and animals on the cards, the numerology to list a few possibilities.

I've set a 3 month timeframe to start with, but for such an enormous undertaking that seems rather short. I can, of course, extend that time period, and modify my pledge accordingly. The thing is.....all my decks, except those listed for this study will be put away. I'll miss them. I'll be tempted to get one or two out for play(Froud's Faeries and Heart of Faerie, especially). I know that I can endure for the 3 month original study, but after that? *sigh*

While I have a paper journal and notebook for this, I want to use this blog as well. I can type faster(more legibly) than handwriting, so my thoughts can be captured before they fall out the swiss cheese holes of my brain. Then I'll copy the notes and readings into my paper versions. That may seem like extra work, but it will also help set it all into the recesses of my memory.

I think that's enough for now, I've got a two card daily draw to interpret and post in DruidCraft Daily Draws, then other things to occupy my time throughout the day, I'll come back later and post them here, as well.

Please feel free to leave comments on any of my posts, I need all the helpful suggestions and encouragement I can get!


Friday, October 1, 2010


Just a quick little post tonight. I've decided to do an IDS(Intensive Deck Study) with the DruidCraft. Whew! I've been thinking about it for over a month, and have changed my mind a few times, back and forth, back and forth. Yesterday I signed up in the IDS thread. I'll use this blog as my IDS journal as well as keep the PDR going.

I have alot of other things that I'm working on right now, and am not organized at all, but I started today anyway. Now I just need to form a study plan, starting with either the Majors or the Court cards(the book starts with them), and post my pledge in the Intensive Deck Study Reboot thread on AT. I need to go write that now, so....


Friday, September 17, 2010

Time to Hermitize!

The card for my daily draw last night was The Hermit, IX. "A lone, robed man stands on a cliff, carrying a staff and holding a lit lantern. His only companion is a wolf. It is sunset, the waning crescent moon illuminates the light cloud cover.

His message for me this evening is - while my life is so busy right now with so many things to catch up on, don't forget to take the time to go inward. To seek inner knowledge and center myself, quiet contemplation, meditation, or perhaps just some daydreaming. More indications that I need to work on achieving balance."

The Hermit generally depicts and old, wise individual. It brings to mind wisdom that only comes from experience, knowledge handed down and passed on to those deemed worthy. A solitary person who prefers the company of animals, and a quiet place to just 'be'.

When The Hermit appears in a reading for me, it is indeed time to withdraw from the drama, the busyness of my outer life and listen to my 'self', my subconscious. A time for quiet study. With the Autumnal Equinox occuring on the 22nd(11:09pm EDT), the dark half of the year arrives. It is a time for study, reflection, meditation, inner works.

My card tonight was Fferyllt, XIV which in most decks is Temperance. This card refers to blending the inner with the outer, creating a balanced whole self. It's not a card that I draw very often, if ever, so this will be one of the cards that I spend more time with, in my studies. It's going to be a while before I begin this indepth study, as I want to do some preliminary work first. I also have a couple other decks that I want to spend some time with, before I put them all away for this study.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

DruidCraft Daily Draw-Sept. 12th, 2010

Tonight the Queen of Pentacles pays a visit to me. This Queen sits on her throne, her bare feet touching the earth and a stone. She's playing her drum with a bone for the striker.

She is a queen who is secure in home, hearth and the practicalities of daily life, she remembers to take time to enjoy leisure pursuits.

Her advice is to take care of business, and your home, but don't work so hard that you don't have the energy to enjoy the life you've created for yourself. And, son of a gun, I've got "lots of stuff" to do this week.

I've been going back and forth in trying to decide when to start my IDS with the DruidCraft. I wanted to start on the Equinox, but feel that there are some other things I need to take care of first. I want to be able to devote time to reading and research for this, not feel like it's just one more chore to try to fit in. So, I'm putting it off till I can get some work out of the way. Picture me sitting cozied up with a stack of books and the DC while the snow flies outside.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The New!

The first day of the month is always an incentive for me to "start something new", and this month is no different. The start of this month also brings the transition from summer to autumn. While not officially autumn till the 22nd of this month, and not quite Labor Day yet, it feels like it has begun. It was a rather disappointing summer for me, so I'm looking forward to starting my 'off season' projects. I've got a few to finish up, before I begin, though.

It also seems like a good opportunity to develop better habits-this interim of change-so my goal for now is to work on my self-discipline. Do a daily draw EVERY day and at least post it in Your Readings on AT, and do my best to journal it here. And other assorted habits to begin working on.....

My daily draw for today was The World XXI (DruidCraft). Not the card I expected to see today. I've been planning an IDS with this deck starting on the Equinox on the 22nd. But as the date grows closer, I've been examining my motivation for doing this now, my work schedule, and the odds of my completing this study successfully. I made the decision today that I need to postpone this and work on some other things that I feel need my attention first.

I'm sad and disappointed to be making this decision. I really feel that this deck has much to teach me. But I know that I'm making the right decision. And this is an incentive to accomplish the other things so that I can move on to my study.

It doesn't feel like a World moment to me.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New.

Today's DruidCraft Daily card is the 5 of Pentacles. This card shows a woman leaning against a tree, covering her eyes with her forearm. She is in despair, crying, shielding her eyes from seeing any more of what has so upset her.

Meanwhile in the background the greyhound is chasing and closing in on the hare. This scene is part of the story of Ceridwen and Taliesin. As she pursues him to regain the first three (magical)drops of the elixer she was creating for her son, Taliesin transforms/changes in order to elude her.

And so goes life. When things reach a certain point, in order to avoid destruction, change/transformation must occur. With that transformation, the old must die/cease to exist in order for the new to grow and thrive.

I think the book explains it better. "The process of breaking down, or loss, is as necessary as the process of building up, or gain, and this idea is conveyed in alchemy in the process of solve et coagula -dissolution and coagulation."

The fives represent change, suffering and loss(a necessary part of the process) must occur, and Pentacles signify the material world. For me, it translates into letting go of old habits, unneeded possessions that clutter forward movement, in order for the process to continue. While for some, this is a matter of loading things into a box/trash bag and heading for the proper recepticle, Viola, you're done.

I, on the other hand, have attached personal meaning/memory/fear of lack(for want of a better term) to many items that are indeed unnecessary to my life now. It becomes a two-part process for me-coming to the realization that it is time to cut the ties to these objects as well as hauling them out. My desire to achieve simplicity in my life requires this process, big time.

Again, this deck and its messages hold such relevancy in my life!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Messages and Patterns

Since I've started doing the daily draws with my DruidCraft, I've received some very interesting cards. Looking at them as a straight line spread(left to right) gives me so much to think about.

My card tonight was the 2 of Wands. This card depicts the Long Man of Wilmington(in Sussex). The outline of a man with a staff in each hand, creating the image of a door. With the forward movement of the twos, the two staffs could very well represent two parts of my life that I carry together, that could be incorporated into a whole, the possibilities are here for the seeing, experiencing.

While I haven't journaled here for all the cards I've drawn, they are as follows:

10 of Swords, 10 of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles, Queen of Swords, The Magician, Rebirth, The Lovers, The Star, Strength, 2 of Wands. I'm going to spend some time looking at this more, but the message seems to indicate that while I've got alot going on, my life is settled for now, my plans to study are well timed, that it will lead to more than just the study of a Tarot deck.

That, my friends, is the short version!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

My card for last night was The Lovers VI. This card shows a couple making love in the woods. She's wearing a garland of flowers in her hair and he's got a leafy wreath with antlers on his head. It is Beltane and the time of celebrating the Wiccan Great Rite. It is also about the union of the two aspects of the self-conscious and unconscious.

One of the passages in the book that I connect with is: "To find fulfillment, purpose, meaning, enlightenment, wisdom and our full worth as individuals, we need to go beyond the confines of the self, to surrender to the 'More-than-Self'."

Another states-"At every moment in your waking life you have a choice: often these choices are simple, but sometimes they can be profound, and can provoke crises in your life."

And one more-" The psychologist and author James Hillman says, 'To be in an authentic dilemma is a tremendous privilege'. It may not feel like a privilege to you at the moment, but it is through engaging the dilemmas in your life that you develop maturity and depth of soul."

And you thought The Lovers was all about finding the love of your life!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Card for contemplation, this evening.

Tonight's card is Rebirth XX. In traditional tarot it is the Judgement card, which does carry a Christian undertone that wouldn't fit with Druid/Wiccan spiritualities. The card shows a young child, nude, walking out of a temple. A man stands to his left sounding a trumpet. As in announcing the child's arrival, completion of a ritual, a new beginning to greet/witness.

This card is about heeding the call for change/renewal. The changes may already have begun, leaving you with the decision to make the most of it, using your resources creatively, or passively letting life take you in whatever direction it will.

This is where I find myself. Standing on the brink of change/renewal, knowing that the key lies in the decisions I make. There is alot to overcome, as in bad/lazy habits. You get comfortable doing things a certain way, don't want change to rock the boat and show you that your way isn't working out so well. Knowing that you have to leave some of these comforts behind, that they don't serve your wellbeing. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure holding you back, hesitating on that first and even second step. The question that can be even more frightening is...what happens if I don't take this first and second step? Then where will I be?

The reverse meaning states just exactly what I've just expressed. I don't think I've ever read that passage before. Food for much thought...


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


After my daily draw and post yesterday, I've been thinking about simplicity more and more. It's causing me to look at my possessions with a new eye. I am a packrat and do have too many things-some(okay maybe alot) of them can be disposed of, donated, sold, etc., without undue stress on my part.

My card today seemed quite appropriate. The 4 of Pentacles! Yep, here's a guy kneeling in front of a chest, a bag of treasures/coins/goodies by his side. He's got the key in the lock and is about to open the chest and store his bag of goodies inside.

This can be looked at in many different ways. Is he saving for his future? Storing keepsakes for future generations? Or is he adding to his already bulging collection of what I fondly refer to as "stuff"? There was a movie with Steve Martin in it, the name escapes me right now, but one of his lines is that everyone has to have their 'stuff'(or something to that effect).

The book refers to pentacles and fours both being associated with Earth, matter, material possessions.

All these connections in just 3 days..... I wonder what I'll draw for my daily card tomorrow?


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something To Think About...

My daily draw for today was the Ten of Pentacles. Hmm....10's two days in a it possibly an indication of changes to come? The ending of one cycle and the start of something new to take me in a different direction? Time will tell.

This card depicts 3 generations of a family, pet included, in a home setting. An elderly gentleman surrounded by wife, granddaughter, with daughter in the background. It is a reminder to never forget the blessings you have, the abundance of the life that surrounds you. Even during times of struggle, there is much to be grateful for and to acknowledge.

The funny thing is that I just finished reading an article on simple living. A woman and her husband had taken on a challenge and pared down their belongings to just 100 things(she didn't say whether they still adhere to that limit). She spoke of getting rid of their 2 vehicles, their TV, and many of their possessions. Biking and walking everywhere in their daily lives, moving to a smaller dwelling, reducing her work hours and income, working from home, having more time to enjoy their life, and being happier. She said it was a gradual process of a couple years.

It was a good example in today's world of that 10 of Pentacles. It's got me thinking along the lines of just exactly how much of my "stuff" is unnecesssary clutter. Tarot decks, books and accessories excluded(of course)! While some things, like giving up my car, would be impractical(not biking 15 miles to work on a Michigan winter day), It's a very appealing thought.


Monday, August 9, 2010

It has certainly been a long time since I've posted and nearly as long since I've worked very much with my tarot decks. There have been a few sporadic readings, but that's it. It's time to change that, so I've started posting in the DruidCraft Daily Draws thread. Just one card on most days, to nudge myself back into the habit of handling my deck and refocusing on things I've let drift in the pursuit of other 'entertainments'.

Today I drew the 10 of Swords. What an appropriate card to start out with. The tens are an indication of endings/closure and in the Druid/Wiccan traditions of the cycle/circle of life, there then follow beginnings.

I feel like this poor guy with all the swords sticking out of his back as he lays(or lies?) facedown on the ground. Things for me are at an extremely low point, so....the only way to go from here is up(I hope). One of my first thoughts when I saw the card, though, was that I've got to work on narrowing down the projects/books/interests that I've been trying to take on. So many things, so little time, and so of course, nothing is being accomplished. Then I feel bad, ready to give up, but I just can't do that. The thought of giving up on my projects, studies, and crafts frightens me. What would be left?

I did a reading last week with a spread that I kind of threw together when I was at the lake, when I've refined it a bit, I'll share it-the spread. Anyway, The basic theme of the reading/interpretation was that this is a time of suspension, a time of rest to gather my wits and make a plan to refocus and move forward. This is what I need to be doing right now.

As the summer days grow shorter and we head into fall, it's the perfect time to work my way back into study. Like the kids who are counting the days with excitement/trepidation/dread, waiting for the first day of school, I anticipate renewing my own studies, without the dread....just the excitement and trepidation.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Solstice Reading #2.

The perfect way to for me spend part of the day on the Solstice was to go out to the lake. I packed up a sandwich, my swimsuit and towel, snacks, the DruidCraft, book and my journal and headed to the State Park. At 8:30 am, I was the only person at the beach. Aside from the workers cleaning the restrooms and changing trash bags, my only companions were a mama duck and her 10 ducklings.

I found Bodhran's Summer Solstice Spread in the spreads forum on AT(linked at the top right of my blog). It looked like the perfect spread for this occasion.

Placing The Sun in the center of the spread(who had already visited me this morning), I drew the cards.

1. During the Summer Solstice, more light is available to us. What in my life has been in shadow, that I need to shine a bright light on so I can see it clearly for what it is.
Seven of Pentacles-Another repeater from my Sunrise Fire reading this morning, in the mind position. For it to show up here is an indication to me to pay close attention to it. Here, obviously, the keywords in general apply: Magic, Spirituality, Research. These have lain neglected for too long.

2. The word Solstice comes for the latin "sol"(meaning sun) and "sistere"(meaning to cause to stand still). What in my life am I trying to force into happening when instead I need to be still and patient?
The Prince of Wands- He and his horse are charging ahead, in full gear, off to face his challenges. Yet his eyes are closed....(the court cards are a weak point for me, so this all comes from the book). The Prince of Wands is full of enthusiasm and energy. He loves to initiate projects and to have ideas, but he has truoble completing them - his eagerness is greater than his commitmenmt to seeing things through. For your personal development, it would be wise to work on cultivating reliability, attention to detail, commitment, and the ability to deliver on your promises-to yourself and to others."
~I need to stop planning "projects" and concentrate on fulfilling my promises(already made) to my "self". ~
*Added during my edits-however, considering the rest of my reading there is one project that needs starting and completing as it will be an integral part of my life.

3. The Solstice is often called the midsummer because it is roughly in the middle of the growing season. What in my life is fertile and productive now? What are my opportunities for growth?
Seven of Cups - A youth is gazing into a pool that reflects 6 cups, nothing more than visions. One full cup is by his side. This card talks about "dreams, ideas, visions we can conjur up within our soul. It is vital that we appreciate the difference between the world of imagination and the physical world."
In this position it's saying that I need to be careful to strike the delicate balance between my dreams and visions of what I want my life to become, and the practicality of achieving these goals in reality.

4. After Summer Solstice, the days gradually become shorter,and the Sun's strenth wanes as winter approaches. What is waning in my life? What do I need to release?
The Lady(Empress). Seeing this shocked me. I was baffled. What could possibly be good about allowing the Lady's energies wane? Reading the book description didn't help. As I sat and stared at the card, nothing came to me. Giving up, I went for a swim, and while I was floating around, the picture in my mind, I noticed the abundance again, so many things in her arms. An aspect I hadn't thought of-at least not in terms of something that needs releasing.
I've spent quite a bit over the last couple months on tarot decks, books, and craft supplies. Now a reduced schedule and car problems have left me very short on cash. My spending is done for awhile. This led me down a whole train of thought about the 'things' in my life that I've accumulated that have 'a' value, but not 'true' value on a higher level for me. A desire for developing a simpler lifestyle with less 'stuff' has haunted the back of my mind lately. Paring down some of the excess is the new project I mentioned, finding ways to live a simpler life.

The Solstice was a life-changing day for me. Spending time with the messages from these readings has been eye opening.

~Thanks For Stopping By~

My Solstice Readings, finally

It all started in the pre-dawn hours Monday morning. I'm an early bird anyway, and it being the longest day of the year, I decided to build a campfire and wait for the first signs of light. Kind of my own little fire festival to welcome Summer.

I brought out my DruidCraft and the lovely pouch that Mi-Shell designed for it and smudged them in my Solstice fire's smoke. Then sat down to do a simple Mind, Body, Spirit reading. It follows:

Mind-7 of Pentacles, shows a robed figure harvesting mistletoe with a curved sickle knife(a boline?). This card, for me, is an example of performing the sacred, the essential. Harvesting. And in the context of the mind-study, learning, a period of spiritual study.

Body-Queen of Pentacles, a queen with a very earthy essense, she's comfortable in who she is, expresses herself creatively(here, she's drumming). I get a sense of "pleasure in the simple" from her. *Acceptance of my physical self, yet a willingness to work to make healthy changes* While this isn't particularly demonstrated in the card, I feel that if we sat down to talk, that would be her advice to me.

Spirit- The Sun. Possibilities, potential, a sense of optimism(and the perfect card for a Solstice reading). A young child on horseback, he glows with this. In the position of Spirit, it indicates a period of connection to divinity, of growth. And at this time, for me, guidance on the direction of my spiritual path. A time for study and exploration to help define what my personal spirituality is evolving into.

While normally a 3 card draw, this reading became 4. As I moved the deck aside, the bottom card dropped and flipped face up, so, of course it-the 5 of Cups- was added, becoming the Self/shadow card. This card shows a lone robed figure facing the water, watching a fish jump(salmon), being chased by an otter(I know this because of the book). Behind him/her 2 full cups sit on a flat rock, 3 are spilled on the ground. For me, the cups on the ground are actions past, the 2 full cups possibilities yet to come. I see the figure in the card as myself, on a quest that can only be journeyed alone.

This reading blew me away, discussing study, experience, potential, acceptance of self. All things I've felt quite adrift in lately.

It is now the moment of the Solstice(7:28 am) and time to give thanks and spread out the ashes of my fire. For less than a heartbeat, time stands still, all sound is now Summer.....

~Thanks For Stopping By~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Poker anyone?

I haven't been here in a month. That seems to be a bad habit of mine. One that's been added to the "To Do" list, well breaking it...anyways...

June 12th, New Moon, time for a look at where I am and what the coming month holds for me.
Eowyn's New Moon Spread


1. What lays on your dark depths. What is unseen. What we stumble against in the dark nights. 8 of Cups. A mermaid swimming toward the depths, holding one cup while 7 others float in a swirl around her. This "is" what I stumble against in the dark. Going to those depths. Out of fear, lack of concentration, distractions, whatever you want to call it, I never manage to get to those depths where I'll find wholeness, answers. It seems to be a month that will have me looking deeper-Im sure it's past time for me to be doing this kind of personal work.

2. What will begin to show, to arise. 8 of Swords. With the shadows(skulls) of others underfoot, the swan entrapped inside the circle of swords is frustrated, using energy better spent in finding solutions(which that cute little hummingbird has, by the way). I have found myself beating my wings in useless wastes of energies of late, while ignoring/avoiding my solutions.

3. What will illuminate the dark path. The key in the night. 8 of Pentacles. Whoa, THREE 8's, hence the title. I see a spider's web with 8 bright orbs caught in the webbing. The spider sits in the center. She's got what she needs to survive/ feed. So do I. Spiders represent knowledge, and I believe her message to me is to use the resources I have, to be prepared to do the work that is required. Her web is large and intricate, that took some diligent work to create. Strand by strand, that's how to go about things.

0. Yourself. The shadow card from the base of the deck. The Hermit. Why am I not surprised to see this card here? I am the Hermit, alone on the mountaintop. However the scene is well lit, the moon shines behind me and my lantern glows brightly. Perhaps the Hermit's accumulated wisdom will be a guiding force in my life at this time. As she's gazing to the left(associated with the past), I think that I may find some of my answers by solving/healing things from the past. (Well, duh)

Some thoughts on putting this all together.
Cups = emotional issues.
Swords = inspiration, seeking knowledge.
Pentacles = manifestation, actions, physical world.

And then there's all those 8's.
8 = strength. This indicates that I'll need my strengths in place. Things aren't going to come all that easy, but in order to move forward, "must" be dealt with, methodically and thoroughly.

The Hermit = Well, who else can carry out all this work? It is a very solitary pursuit.

I've just kind of let things slide, lately. Felt adrift, no focus. I can procrastinate and dream with the best of them. I'm usually energized and inspired at this time of year, "usually", but not so this year. This reading is a wake-up call that the slacking is over that it's time for some serious work to begin, get myself re-organized, take care of the small details that I've let go. The clutter(details) has built up around me and now must be cleared in order to focus on my personal work ahead.

When I began working with the DruidCraft for my PDR, I got some very seriously personal readings and wasn't inclined to share them here, so I switched decks intending to do some more general readings. The Shadowscapes has proved to be the same way. So, I'm not going to fight it, I'm going to start sharing more of the readings, and insights here.

*and yes, I did notice that the 8 of Swords was in the last reading that I recorded here*

~Thanks For Stopping By~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Shadow are Deep

Mind, Body & Spirit Reading with Shadowscapes-things to think about. I lay the cards out top to bottom and turn them over one at a time. No reversals-none are even discussed in the card descriptions with this deck.

Mind - Eight of Swords
A beautiful swan is surrounded by eight Swords and thorny brambles. The skeletons of others who have found themselves in the same place are under her feet. Her wings are spread out and she looks skyward at a hummingbird that hovers above her.

Looking at this card, I feel that the skeletons aren't "others", but previous times that I've felt this way, trapped, imprisoned by my thoughts - the self-critic that resides deep and tempts me with old unproductive habits(ways of thinking) that are a waste of my time and energies - at the first sign of weakness. The hummingbird is a symbol(for me) of taking small steps toward my "vision self", the woman I envision as my goal.
~From the book~ "The Eight of Swords is a reminder not to waste energy on the trivial. It is easy to freeze up in a crisis - to feel restricted, confused, powerless, and trapped by circumstances - but there is always a way out if you take a moment to breathe and reassess." While not a crisis for me, I feel that the time for change, creating my "vision self" is now, that the timing is right for this.

Body - The Hanged Man. The Hanged Man suspends himself, unbound, hanging by his knees from a gnarled tree branch. He's reaching his arms back and up toward his heels, free to change his position anytime. He chooses to be here doing this.

The thing about this card that is most apparent to me tonight(reading was done last night), is that "he has" the choice to move. For now, for whatever reason, he's chosen not to. And that's exactly where I seem to be, making the choice not to, coming up with reasons(excuses) for not doing enough, not moving forward.

Spirit - The Devil
What a unique Devil image. The woman chained in the pod/shell was what first drew my eye. She's crouched down, her right arm wrapped around her legs, the left around the back of her neck. Her head rests on her knees. The Devil is a skeletal looking winged faerie, dancing on top of the pod/shell. A red heart is suspended between his/her hands.

Tonight, for me, this card represents making the right choices for myself, in my spirituality as well as mundane decisions. I try too hard to look at all sides of a situation and find myself imprisoned by the lists of pros and cons. I make a decision, then doubt myself, knowing I had other choices. I put things off because of indecision to the point where time and circumstances take the decision away from me, and I just live with the consequences. Right now, I'm in that pod/shell cowering as the Devil of Decision dances overhead. I've got to learn to trust myself more and stop living in the limbo of indecision. (Don't ever go the ice cream parlor with me, if they offer more than vanilla and chocolate ;p)

~~Reading with this deck is a pleasure. I love the images and colors, and there are many creatures that join the main characters of the cards. Even as I learn to trust my intuition more, I still like to read the different descriptions and meanings that the artists/authors give for the cards. While not as serious and spiritual as the Druidcraft is, I'm finding depth in the images. Yet, I imagine this deck could be read with a lighthearted view as well.

I still want to do the New Deck Interview Spread with Shadowscapes and tomorrow night is the New Moon, so I'll be reading the New Moon Spread that Eowyn created. This spread and it's sister spread Full Moon Spread are both excellent spreads to do on an ongoing basis every month.

I've been sneaking in some daily draws with The Heart of Faerie Oracle, too. This is another deck I'm really enjoying working with, even though my experience outside the framework of tarot is very limited. I don't normally read for others, but I've been participating in a few monthly reading exchanges in the Oracles Forums as well, not doing too bad(I think).

Well, time to go plant some pansies, my Grandmother always called them monkey-faces, and stand where my veggie garden will be this summer and dream!

~Thanks For Stopping By~ Leigh

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Readings with Shadowscapes...

This may be one of those decks where the aid of the book is in order. I've been trying to sharpen my intuition by reading the cards first and then resorting to the book. My knowledge and experience with symbols is weak(need to find a good reference) and I found myself a bit puzzled. Anyway, here's my first MBS reading with Shadowscapes.

Mind-The Queen of Pentacles. This Queen is standing in/or is part of an oak tree, it's branches reaching out around her. The Sun shines over her head and she holds a glowing orb with an oak leaf inside. She's curvy and has red hair(reminiscent of myself before I gave up the tint bottle). As the matron of earthy energies, she is grounded, secure in who she is and what she has to offer the world, as the branches of the tree reach far and wide. She offers the guidance that by finding belief in myself I too can shine in who I am. I need to build more confidence in who I am and what I do.

Body-The Six of Pentacles. A young flute player sits on an overhanging wall or support beam, decorated in what appears to be as a dragon. Water with the six pentacles flows down onto thorny brambles. Directly underneath the stream is one bright green shoot, being nourished b the flow. The flute player seems rather unaware of the growth happening below him. This is a message to be more aware of what nourishes my body, paying more attention to giving it what I need for health. And this is so true of me, I am a rather mindless eater, meals I do okay with, but snacking is my downfall.

Spirit-The Moon. She stands alone(she thinks) in a forest glade inside a faery ring of glowing mushrooms. A crescent moon shines overhead casting a soft light on the forest. Her left hand is held up as if she's just released the dove that flies over her. In her right hand she holds a mask. She's gazing quite intently at it. Now that she thinks she's alone, (although she's not) she has revealed her true self by removing the mask she presents the world. However the faeries hidden in the glade around her, see her for who she is. Her secret is safe in this glade. There a many times when I don a mask of illusion, to protect my true spirit. I need to learn to remove it and let the world see me as more of who I really am. Which can be quite a scary prospect as there are times when I'm not sure I know who that is.

As I said, I'll need to use the book with this deck until I'm more familiar with it and have sharpened my symbols and numerology skills. I think this deck has much to teach me, I just have to listen and learn.

~Thanks for Stopping By~ Leigh

Monday, May 3, 2010

In the Shadows.

I've been neglecting my journal(blog) here lately. I get busy with other things, the day drifts away and then there isn't time left to devote to journalling. I've been a sporadic journaller throughout my life. It seems that the hardest, most emotional times were when I was most committed to sharing my thoughts-even if it was only with myself. I wish now that I had been more consistent. So, I'm making a new commitment to journalling at this time....

Over the last 3 months my readings-done for myself and by others-have all indicated changes, new beginnings. And while I get the itch every spring to make changes in my life, this felt very different, more intense. Like this was a last chance, or 'The Time' for major overhauls in my thinking, emotions, and health in general. So that's what I'm working on.

Which brings me to one of the reasons that I haven't been keeping up with this journal(I really dislike the term blog). My readings with the DruidCraft have been intensely personal, requiring careful consideration, and revisiting as more and more is opened up to me. At this point I feel very much like the Fool embarking on his adventures. With my sparse pack of "skills", I'm not sure where I'm headed, but I know that I'm in for a fairly intense period of growth and change.

I'd like to take this journal in a bit of a new direction. While I love the DruidCraft-which is listed as my PDR deck-I recently received the Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and fell in love with it. I'm switching my PDR deck to Shadowscapes and will continue to work with the DruidCraft, but only for personal spiritual readings, as it is a deck that speaks to my soul.

I'll be doing some 3 card Mind/Body/Spirit readings with my new Shadowscapes, and posting those here. I also need to play catch-up with everyone elses 'blogs' and see what y'all have been up to! I'll be back tonight with my first MBS reading. See you then!

~Thanks For Stopping By~ Leigh

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From Full Moon to Full Moon...

...without a post. It doesn't seem like it's been a whole month since I last posted. I've done a few readings and some daily draws, but not journaled them here, and haven't been consistent about any of it. My work schedule picked up, which is good for the wallet, but bad for working on my personal projects. It's not permanent though-that's one of the downsides of my work, the ups and downs of it.

I drew cards for the Full Moon Spread. I'm seeing some progressions between this spread and it's sister New Moon Spread as the moon moves from new to full and back again.

I drew the cards on Monday morning(no Rx), then spent the day working and running errands, so didn't get a chance to interpret them till Tuesday morning.

1. What can be seen with clarity. So bright it can even blind you.
The Magician. The process of creating and beginnings. I know what my direction is, what steps I need to take. My tools are in place. For a long time, I've stuttered in taking the first steps in changes I "know" it is time to make. The Magician is a not so subtle message to do this Now! I love the message of the Magician from the book. "Open yourself to the power of Awen and Nuyfre, of inspiration and life-force, and let it flow through you and into the world."

2. What gets completed, closes a cycle. Eight of Pentacles. Ths card is one I had to spend some time with. What have I finished? What is complete? One tarot bag is done, the other will be by Thursday afternoon. The long hours at work will continue for a week or more, before being adjusted. I've got a great deal of spring cleaning to do yet, and will be paring down possessions, so that's not really 'done'. The only cycle I can think of that is closing/changing is more of a Cups type issue.

3. What begins to fade away, to darken, or needs to? Eight of Swords. The position, the imagery, my personal experiences over the last few weeks, have me glad to see this card in this spot. To have these energies-the blindfolded feeling of indecision, my feelings of insecurity and the hurt of exclusion by my family- fade away now, shows that I am working through all this and coming to a place of acceptance.

4. Yourself. Shadow card from the base of the deck. The High Priestess. Okay, not the card I would expect to see here, but one that may be more of an encouragement to continue. That I do have what I need within me, all I've got to do is unlock it, allow it to grow, to breathe.

It was a pretty powerful reading for me. There was alot of detail that I wrote in my paper journal that I haven't shared here. Personal 'stuff'.

I've gotten my Froud's "Faeries' Oracle" and the "Heart of Faerie Oracle". I've been spending some time getting to know them, and it's intriguing to see what they have to say to me. One of the themes is that I'm being too serious. Yeah, I know, but that's just kind of who I am right now. I'm joining in the Faerie Seeker Circle April reading group, it's a short spread, but may not be a short interpretation by any means. It'll be interesting.

Spring can be/is a busy time of year, I need to get myself more organized/get that cleaning done, so that I can spend more time back with my cards. Till next time....


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Moon Lunacy

Well, so much for posting more often. Heck, I just got caught up with everyone else's blogs.

I've been working on a project, though. Members on Aeclectic's Forum are creating a Frankenstein Patchwork tarot deck and I'm creating the bag for it. In a crazy quilt style, it has little patches of all different fabrics, all different patterns and colors. It's been loads of fun and is giving me all kinds of ideas for making some bags for my decks, stirring my creative juices which have lain rather dormant for most of the winter.

Today is the Full Moon and Eowyn has created a

Full Moon Spread, a sister spread for the new moon spread(my last entry). I drew the cards this morning, then had to leave for work, so am just now getting it posted. I used my DruidCraft with no Rx.

Full Moon Spread

#1. What can be seen with clarity, so bright that it can even blind you? 10 of Wands.
At this time, I have alot of "irons in the fire". Especially the projects and changes I'm making in my life. It will be an uphill battle for me to move forward with these. Within the bundle on my back are burdens(emotional and material) that I must work to eliminate. The little plants and flowers tucked in the rocks and along the sides of the path, are reminders that there will be beauty and small discoveries along the way. I must remember to look for them/seek them out.

#2. What gets completed? What closes a cycle? 2 of Cups.
Unhealthy emotional attachments, my need to feel that I "fit in" around here. The truth is that I don't. For the purpose of practicality, I live here with the people I do(family), but am very much an outsider. It is time to examine my hurt and sadness and put it behind me.

#3. What begins to fade away, to darken, to abandon you...or what needs to be? 5 of Swords.
The conflicts, the feeling of defeat, of personal failure, the self-doubt(the warrior walking away, head down, in the background), the voice of the inner critic that taunts me at every turn needs to be silenced(the sword under the victor's foot).

#0. Yourself-Shadow card from the base of the deck. Princess of Swords.
She looks toward the future, gazing at the sword in her left hand, that is wrapped in a ribbon that she holds in her right hand, her connection to wisdom and understanding. From the book(I really do need to work on the courts): The Princesses Keywords - Potential, Beginnings, Exploration, Study. Princess of Swords Keywords - Inquisitive, Objective, Aloof.
Me-I need to adopt some of her objectivity and aloofness, tucking away my insecurity and that "need to fit in" that leaves me feeling hurt and lonely. I have much to do for myself and don't have time for this emotional baggage that no longer serves me.

Druid Plant Oracle Inspiration: Nettle. Keywords - Irritation, Hidden Gifts, Transmutation. The nettle is reminding me that while in the beginning there will be some discomfort and pain, perserverance will have its own rewards in reaching that "inner healing", the transformation that awaits me.

Druid Animal Oracle State of Being: Fire Dragon. Keywords - Transmutation, Mastery, Energy. "Draig-teine(Fire Dragon) brings vitality, enthusiasm, and courage, and an increased ability to overcome obstacles and to find the energy needed to cope with life's problems.

Summary-I have much to accomplish, and I've got to lighten the burden for the uphill climb to my "whole" self. This reading says to me that I need to do alot of inner work, as well as outer, to reach my summit. Over the past month I've had several readings that indicate new starts, beginnings, growth. With the Quickening Full Moon, the seeds are beginning to swell and I've got to get my butt in gear-everything is in place.


:) Leigh

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Moon Spread

I love this spread! It was created by Eowyn and found here on Aeclectic.

With only 4 cards it can be read as lightly or as deeply as you'd like. I added an inspiration card from my DPO, which really brought even more into the reading.


Drawn from the top of the deck:
#1. What lays on your dark depths? What is unseen?
#2. What will begin to show, to arise?
#3. What will illuminate the dark path? The key in the night.
And finally:
#0. Yourself. Shadow card, drawn from the base of the deck. I drew and read this position last.

#1. What lays on your dark depths? Princess of Wands. She's shown up a few times for me lately and I'm surprised she didn't show up reversed. I'm rather timid/hesitant, with little self-confidence, and I can be a terrible procrastinator, easily distracted into wasting time on inconsequential things. She's not being so patient with me, now. She's showing me that I can leave the doubts/fears behind-the line of clouds in the background and clear sky above her, the light showing on the road beneath her feet are all signs of moving forward.
From the book-"may also indicate a general quickening of the pace of life-a new phase of activity just starting."

#2. What will begin to show, to arise? The Lord. He sits on a stone throne, a strong foundation. He wears a red cape showing confidence and authority. His green robes under his breastplate are indicating a strong earthly connection/basis. I wasn't sure about the bird in the sky, so I resorted to the book.
From the book-"The eagle represents the powers of consciousness, clarity and analytical thought."
"The message of The Lord is: Take control of your life and offer clear and firm boundaries to those who depend on you. Lead your life by being true to your values and you will accomlish great things."

#3. What will illuminate the dark path? The key in the night. Prince of Swords. Sword drawn, shield in place, his horse on the move, he is ready for action. I need to begin 'doing' more toward my personal goals, creating the changes in my life.
From the book-"a radical change in your lifestle or your routine-a whole new life may open up for you."

#0. Yourself. Shadow card drawn from the base of the deck. 10 of Wands Rx. The wands strapped to his back, he trudges up a rocky hillside, however in the reversed position will some of those wands slip out of the strap? I hope so. I'm tired of the burdens I carry, inner as well as outer. This is about leaving them behind, shedding what no longer applies in my life. Leaving behind my misplaced sense of responsibility for others-my penchant to sacrifice meeting my needs for others. This goes back a long way for me, carried over from my marriage and taking care of my husband during his disability.
From the book-"The opportunity exists for you to free yourself of burdens. It may occur as a conscious change of attitude or behavior, in which your reprioritize your life. A more balanced and rewarding time awaits you."

My interpretation- In the dark, the beginnings of my true path await me. My foundation is solid, home, work, my outer life is stable. It is time for me to 'walk the talk' and live my life by being true to my values, reprioritizing my needs and creating a new lifestyle for myself, by freeing myself from the burdens from the past that have weighed my "being" down. Simplify, declutter, shed the detritus of that which no longer serves me.

I drew a card from the Druid Plant Oracle for inspiration.
Ivy. Keywords- Prophecy, Connection, Death and Rebirth.
Confirming my need to free myself from burdens(inner ones with this card) resolving inner conflict and fears. By becoming more aware of myself and my limitations, I can connect with my true creativity and that which inspires me.

I got a good start yesterday, working in my bedroom, rearranging the bookcase and sorting through some boxes of books for trade-ins at the used bookstore(making room for more decks and books). I do think this spring will be filled with changes for me. And certainly, with study and learning. I'm very adept at planning and even taking the first steps on new starts-only to fall into old habits and discouragement, that's got to change.

I should have my Druid Animal Oracle within a week, and my Mugwort card will be sent out at the end of this week. I went to the OBOD website to request the replacement and spent some time looking at what Druidry is. I'll be visiting there again.

Till later...

:) Leigh

Monday, February 15, 2010

The last week or so has been rather enlightening for me. I had a busy work schedule, which in some ways is good, but when you've got personal projects calling your name, it becomes a clock watching game. This week is much calmer and I'm looking forward to having a day off today, and maybe Friday if I'm lucky.

I didn't do much reading with my DruidCraft, but I've got a good excuse(reason). I trimmed the white border off it and the Druid Plant Oracle, taking 4 evenings to finish them. I was very nervous about doing this, but my inner self said "make it yours"! They're now a bit smaller, and richer in color, and a tiny bit uneven, but I Love Them! (someday, I'll be confident enough to trim the card names off, too)

I also completed my "First Ever" reading for someone else with my DPO in the Oracle Reading Circle. I can hear you saying to yourself, "ah, no biggie, I do it all the time". But, for me, it was a major breakthrough. I'm not very confident in my 'skills' and have only just recently begun to listen to my intuition. Just listening to what the images are saying to me, not checking the book till after I've done my interpretation. The reading went very well, once I got past my nerves and my exchange partner(rachelcat) was very pleased with it. It's here.

Will I do more readings for others? Maybe eventually, but I've got alot more study to do first. I'm going to work through "21 Ways To Read a Tarot Card" and practice, practice, practice on myself first. When I picked up my first deck of tarot cards, it wasn't about learning to read for others, it was about learning more about myself and healing. It still is. I've also gotten "Tarot Shadow Work" by Christine Jette, lined up for my second "course".

I'm planning on coming back here more often-this week and in the future, making a deeper commitment to my studies, now that some of my 'other life' stresses have lessened(long story). I find myself rather Tarot Addicted right now!

Till then....

:) Leigh

Friday, February 5, 2010

A reflection of my progress in my PDR

This spread was adapted by Onyx for use in reading exchanges for members of the PDR group. I'm not participating for a few different reasons, one being that I've just switched decks. I've done the reading for myself with the DruidCraft, though, gaging my own progress.

Primary Deck Reflection Spread.

#1. How am I progressing with my PDR?
Queen of Pentacles.
This Queen is very earthy, practical(pragmatic), using what is available to her to it's utmost, as indicated by using a long bone to strike her drum(the animal's skin). She represents late winter, noting the snowdrops in the foreground.
Keywords taken from the AT study group-
A very grounded figure
Listening to your intstincts
This queen is comfortable in her own skin
My thoughts- How am I progressing? Not as well as I'd hoped. But, I think by changing to a deck that is more grounded in my spiritual background, my growth as a reader will bring a more thorough understanding, albeit slow progress. I've got to listen more to my instincts. As a late winter representation, this card shows the promise of beginnings. I guess in certain aspects I do relate to this Queen.

#2. Why do I need to do this PDR?
Prince of Pentacles
This Prince sits atop his horse with his sword drawn, but down at his side, as if in preparation for battle/competition. The background for this card also shows dawn/late winter.
My knowledge of the Court Cards is fairly limited, and the companion book places them first, giving me an opportunity to become better acquainted with them. I know Princes/Knights are action and he's saying that this will help me develop a more practical/methodical approach in my learning.

#3. What problems am I facing with my PDR?
King of Swords

This King's message is that I need to be honest with myself about my level of commitment to study, to become more disciplined and thorough. He's sitting there on his throne with his hand on his chin-reminding me of a study hall monitor, just waiting for someone to disrupt the atmosphere of quiet study.

#4. What do I need to focus on developing in my PDR?
The Wheel
A woman is constructing a sacred circle in the beach sand with her wand, at the entrance of a cave. The area is surrounded by a low circle of stones, indicating a secluded, protected area. The only other thing she has brought into her circle is a pendant/necklace with the Wheel of the Year/the eight spokes that represent the eight Sabbats, the cycles of Life. The image is quite different from other depictions of the Wheel of Fortune.
I get the feeling that she isn't creating this circle to perform ritual or magical workings, but as a space for contemplation of the hidden mysteries of life. That's why she chose the entrance to this cave, it's mysteries hidden from view in the recesses.
She's inviting me to look deeper.

#5. What can I gain from this PDR?
The Hermit
He stands on a cliff at sunset, a wolf is his only companion. A waning crescent moon shines through the clouds. The Hermit, to me, represents introspection. Of taking the time to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.

Overall message. Having stumbled along for the first month, changing my deck and "starting over" has brought me back on track. I have a great deal to learn from/about this deck and my PDR. I've got to develop stronger discipline in my study habits, becoming more thorough in my research. With the gudiance of this deck, I will gain greater understanding of Tarot, and of my life/spirituality.

On reading in the study group threads, I discovered that the "rooster" is a hen. A representation of Ceridwen from the story of Taliesin. I've also seen the Hermit's lantern in meditation, just the lantern. Not knowing what it referred to, I journaled about it and waited. When I received my DruidCraft and saw the Hermit card I immediately recognized the connection.

It does, however need a trim. A new pair of Fiskars(on sale for $5) and a corner rounder came home with me from the craft store last night. I'm nervous about doing this, yet excited to make this deck even more my own.

:) Leigh

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I believe that things happen for a reason, everything has its timing. Last week I mentioned that I wanted to change my PDR deck to the DruidCraft. I was going to begin working with it on Thursday night or Friday. Other things needed my attention, and for the Full Moon I did the reading that appeared in the Wolf Moon Tonight thread in Talking Tarot, with my Tarot of Dreams. It was a very insightful reading and took me a few days to interpret. I intended to post it here this morning, but the notebook I wrote it up in has vanished. Disappeared. Or maybe it's just hidden from my sight for now.

So, this morning I reached for the DruidCraft.

I hadn't done more than go through DruidCraft to make sure it was all there and read the introduction in the book. Hadn't even shuffled it once. I wanted fresh perspective for my first reading. I used this reading by Wisp Wings, with a bit of rewording. I really liked the layout of the spread, with nothing to the left(past energies).


#1. The Foundation. What do you want me to know about you? Rebirth(XX) "I'm not like the other decks you've been working with. I'm here to help tie your work/learning in Tarot and your spiritual growth together."

#2. Height of Learning. What will you teach me? 5 of Cups "Although your path is solitary, your connections to nature and your pagan beliefs are strong, embrace that connection, for you are never truly alone."

#3. The Core, the Heart. What will our relationship be like? The High Priest(V) "We will have a strong spiritual connection. It is time for you to grow your knowledge/awareness with my guidance."

#4. Collaborating. How can I best learn from you? The Magician "Keep your eyes and mind open. You've seen the rooster before." *Ohhhh, yes I have.*

On the Magician image there is a black rooster. It was one of the first things that caught my eye on the card. He appeared to me in a meditation a couple months ago, along with another black, a red and a white(On a white porch rail). I couldn't figure out what exactly those roosters stood for. It puzzled me, and I just wrote it down, thinking there would come a time when I would finally understand. Now I understand.

The image of the 5 of Cups is a lone figure wearing a hooded robe and barefoot-standing on a riverbank, gazing out into the water, watching a fish jump. 3 cups are spilled on the ground, 2 full cups sit on a flat rock behind him/her. I immediately saw this as a representation of myself in surroundings near where I live. I connected immediately. The High Priest is sitting there just waiting for me to take my seat and begin.

As I practice my intuitive skills-minimal-I take a shot at just reading the image on the card, recording it and then going to the companion book for added insight. There is alot of symbolism in this deck that I need to learn, and with the help of the Druid Plant Oracle that I haven't started learning yet(but need to start) and finding the Druid Animal Oracle, which I think will all tie in together fabulously, I think it's safe to say that I'll be spending a great deal of time with this trio.(sorry about the confusing run-on sentence)

Now is the time!

Monday, January 18, 2010


The cards have baffled me this evening. I pulled cards for the My Day spread and they have me wondering what I missed.

Layout- ...2...1...3...

#1. What did I do well in today? Lovers

#2. What do I need to leave behind in today? 3 of Coins

#3. What should I take forward from today into tomorrow? Knight of Cups

For #1 the only choice I can think of was not going shopping after work this afternoon. Granted, I probably saved myself some money, because I didn't go to the used bookstore, but now I still have to go pick up the rest of the things I was going to get and they'll cost me more locally. And who knows, there could have been a book I've been looking for-or even a deck I've missed out on now....And the roads could be crappy next Monday, making the trip impractical.

#2 has me brainstraining. I can't think of anything about this that should be left behind. I look at the 3 of Coins as a good, productive, positive card. Today was a very average work day for me, and quiet-uneventful when I came home from work.

#3. Cups. Knights. I got nuthin. The only thing I can think of is that he's looking back at the other two cards, but....? (maybe he's a peeping tom, lol)

With daily spreads, I usually know what they're talking about. I guess I'll leave them out on my desk and sleep on it.

Any thoughts?

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Strange title, I know...but it was the captcha word that I just typed in for a blog comment and thought it was rather catchy, so.....:)

No reading tonight, just a few "fings" on my mind. I've been doing daily readings most days with my ToD, just some 3 card Mind, Body, Spirit spreads to help me focus on some of the things I'm working on accomplishing this coming year, then journaling on my thoughts-mostly too disorganized and personal to post here. I carry the 3 cards with me through the day to glance at and ponder as I drive from client to client or while I'm doing their chores, my trusty notepad by my side.

I've added a few decks to my 'collection'. The DruidCraft Tarot kit, the Druid Plant Oracle, the Mystic Dreamer, and the Haindl. I'd ordered the Haindl with my pre-order for ShadowScapes from Amazon(love that free shipping) and expected it to be delivered in May. I'm nowhere near ready to take it on for study, but have ordered the companion books by Rachel Pollack so that they're all together when I am. Oh, and I just love the DruidCraft and the DPO! Confession-I need to get a magnifier for the Mystic Dreamer, I love the details, but my eyes aren't that sharp anymore.

I'll have time tomorrow to spend some time reading with my ToD for a post here. Till then....

:) Leigh

ETA-one of my first captcha words this morning was fingly. Really!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sprit Guides #3 and #4 reveal themselves

For each Guide I've been re-ordering the deck and shuffling till I feel(or maybe it's when they feel) it's time to stop and turn the cards.

Spirit Guide #3
#2. Tell me something about your personality and/or temperament. Temperance.
"I bring balance, reminders to temper one element of your life with the others."

#3. Why are you with me? Kind of Swords.
"The time of study alone is past. While intellectual study is a fine endeavor in it's own right, keeping an open mind is vital as there is more to be considered. Learning is more than study, it is experiencing life."

#4. When is your presence the strongest? 9 of Cups
"I'm with you when you're experiencing the pleasures, the simple things in life, when you're aware of all that surrounds you."

#5. Please tell me an event in which your presence or influence was particularly strong. 9 of Wands
"When you were preparing to move back home after your husband died, leaving behind the pain and hopelessness, facing your fears of the unknowns in your future, hesitant to allow hope to re-enter your heart."

#6. What would you like me to know at this moment. Knight of Swords
"It is time to place hesitancy in the past, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step."

Spirit Guide #4

#2. Tell me something about your personality and/or temperament. Palace of Wands
"I feed hopes and dreams for the future. I live in the realm of inspiration and possibilities."

#3. Why are you with me? The Devil
"You hide from your potential. I am here to help you overcome the inner critic, your shadow self, the lack of self-worth, the perfectionism and procrastination that haunt you."

#4. When is your presence the strongest? Palace of Coins
"When you believe in yourself, and move forward with your personal goals. When you take care of your needs first, you're creating a 'home', your place of comfort."

#5. Please tell me an event in which your presence or influence was particularly strong. The Empress
"I take pride in the fact that your latest bonus is being spent on your needs/wants and yours alone."

#6. What would you like me to know at the moment. The Chariot
"You hold the reins to your future, your way forward comes down to showing the confidence in your skills in handling the direction of your life. In letting your True Self shine through."

When I drew the cards for this guide, I knew by the shivers running down my back that he's one of the most powerful guides in my life at this moment. I've gotten the shivers again, just typing this one up. I also asked him how many years he's been with me, the answer was 5.

I noticed great similarities between these last two guides and wondered if they could be one in the same. I did the Yes/No/Maybe spread, asking if they were indeed the same guide and the answer was a definitive NO!

Two more of my Guides have now consented to an interview. I'll be talking with them later this week. I'm enjoying getting to know them, and I think am more aware of their actions in my daily life.

In the Tarot of Dreams(2nd edition) each suit has a 15th card, the Palace. From the guidebook, "In a reading, the Palace cards indicate the energies of the suit expressed as an environment." Ciro described them as "Tarot of Dreams real estate". The images are of beautiful multi-leveled residences set in idyllic settings. I love seeing them come up in readings.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Spirit Guide Interview #2

I shuffle the cards well, having reordered them after finishing my first interview and we start with question #2 in this spread from the forums on Aeclectic.

#2. Tell me something about your personality and/or temerpament. Faith/Hierophant.
"I am your spirituality guide."

#3. Why are you with me? Temperance.
"I'm here to help bring spiritual balance and guidance into your life."

#4. When is your presence the strongest? The Hermit.
"When you are alone with your thoughts, in contemplation/meditation."

#5. Please tell me an event when your presence or influence was the strongest? 10 of Coins.
"I came to you in meditation."

#6. What would you like me to know at this moment? The Star.
"Rebuilding your life has been a long difficult road, as you continue along the path, don't be afraid to reach for your goals."

In turning over the cards for this guide, I knew who she was as soon as I saw the 10 of Coins. I've had the honor of seeing her in meditation, although at the time she had nothing to say, the immediate feeling of love and warmth stayed with me for hours. She is, I believe, a guide of few words, yet always close by.

PDR/Tarot of Dreams

More interviews! Kafka's Ghost has created a wonderful spread for learning about your Spirit Guides, posted here on Aeclectic Forums in the Tarot Spreads forum.

This(my Spirit Guides) is something I've been curious about for a long time, so I began this series of interviews. I shuffled well, drew the top card and who looks up at me but The Devil, himself. ::deep breath:: Okay ::deep breath:: 15 Guides? Seriously? Could it possibly need to be reduced to 6? The Devil dared me to check(although at this point we all know better, now don't we?), so I shuffled again, asked if I have 15 guides and pulled the Yes/No/Maybe Spread and of course it came up a resounding Yes. Silly me....

Of the 15, 4 have consented to be interviewed at this time. With work schedules and other distractions of daily life it's taken me several days to do these interviews. I'll share the first one today.

This Spirit Guide is my "main" Guide, she's been with me the longest. I knew the minute I saw the cards what she would be conveying to me.

Spirit Guide #1,
Please tell me something about your personality and/or temperament.
Justice-in the Tarot of Dreams, Justice is an armored woman holding the 2 sides of the scales, one in each hand equally balanced.
"I am strong, protective, and I'm here to teach you about balance in your life. My scales are the symbol of your birth sign(Libra), and as this(2010) is your #11/Justice year, you will feel me strongly. It is quite appropriate that you've begun to learn about us at this time."

Why are you with me? (Created, personal interest, assigned, etc.) Death.
"You have faced/will face many death/rebirth cycles in your lifetime. I am here to teach/remind you of the wisdom/growth found in these cycles in your life."

When is your presence the strongest? 4 of Swords.
"When you're at rest. In your dreams, where you sort through the events and emotions of the day."

Please tell me of an event in which your presence or influence was particularly strong. The Moon.
"During the times of great indecision and confusion in your life, you need to make wise choices. When your husband needed your care the most(the darkest period of your life) and you didn't walk away, you chose the hardest road to follow, and honored your commitment despite your personal agony. The right choice for you."

What would you like me to know at the moment? The Wheel.
"Life moves forward and as long as your wheel remains grounded(in balance), so will you. If not, you'll be left spinning your wheels."

With those words, she left me to my thoughts, and I got the distinct impression she was saying to herself, "it's about time..."

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Deck Interview Spread

For the first spread of my PDR, I chose FireRaven's New Deck Interview Spread found here. While this deck isn't new to me, I felt that an interview would lay a foundation for the year's study ahead.

The layout:

#1. Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?
The card: Page of Swords. I am a deck of vast potential, and as my name
indicates-Dreams. I'll lead you down many paths, with something to learn at
every turn. In your quest for knowledge, don't forget the possiblilties
that come in the form of dreams.

#2. What are your strengths as a deck?(for this particular study?)
The card: 3 of Wands. I'll bring you insight into your dreams. Embarking
on this journey will result in a growth process/learning experience of
immeasurable value-if you stay true to course.

#3. What are your limits as a deck?
The card: 10 of Swords. In the interpretation of your dreams, I am limited
by your thoughts, your ability or lack thereof, to go beyond what you know.

#4. What do you bring to the table? What are you here to teach me?
The card: King of Coins. To listen to your intuition, to the wisdom of your
experiences in life when viewing your dreams and the world around you.
Consider the lessons you've learned, make the changes that are necessary
in order to move toward your goals/dreams.

#5. How can I best learn from and collaborate with you?
The card: 2 of Wands. You chose me to guide you on this journey. I'll
share my insights with you, but it is up to you to choose the paths we
take, what is to be revealed.

#6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?
The card: The Emperor. I offer you the power of your dreams. What that
potential becomes is up to you. If I've taught you well, your dreams and
your potential are for benefit, for growth. If not, your dreams will lead to

And so my year of dreams and discovery begins. It felt peculiar to re-order the deck before finishing the analysis of my "Sacred Days of Yule" spread, but I wanted to interview my deck at the start of the year. I think in doing so, I've gained further insight into the messages offered to me in the Yule spread. I'll be posting that analysis later this week.

Sacred Days of Yule

This is a spread done over the period of the 12 days of Yule. From Dec. 20th- Dec. 31st, one card is pulled per day. The thread on Aeclectic can be found here. I chose the Tarot of Dreams with the intentions that this will be the start of a year of discoveries, growth, and dreams of what I want to achieve. It is a year that will require creativity for me, and I think that's where it all starts-with my dreams.

1. Mother Night of Dreams - Dec 20th: This card reminds us to look for a particular message in our dreams tonight. The ancients believed that our dreams on this night foretold some of the important events in the coming year.

My card for this evening is the 4 of Swords. A knight lays at rest, his sword safely beneath him, his helmet behind his head, his cloak covers him. The night is dark, there is a multitude of stars behind him.
Saturn in Libra-the planet of responsibility, work, ambitions, comes to rest in the sign of balance. This card is a reminder that while achieving your goals and working hard is admirable, but there is a time to put it aside. A time to rest the mind, allow it to wander(to dream).

How apropos that I should draw this card first-so many ties to dreams-as uppermost on my mind right now are my responsibilities, work, finances, and accomplishing the things I need to do yet this week. Tonight the 4 of Swords and a nice piece of Amethyst will be under my pillow, a notepad and pencil near my head, in hopes that I remember my dreams(a problem for me).

~Monday morning-I don't remember any dreams, but when I woke up the first thing I thought about was the word: Shoes. Not an image of shoes, but the printed word. I am not really a shoe person-I've got maybe 10 pairs, counting seasonal sandals and boots. I have no idea what this means. Thoughts anyone?

*12-23-09 Correction. The planet on the card is Jupiter not Saturn. I've got to re-evaluate this interpretation....

*01-01-10 After careful consideration, I'm leaving this alone, these are the things that are upppermost in my mind. And the only thing I could come up with for the Shoes is the journey of learning I'm embarking on this year.

2. Yule - Winter Solstice: - Dec 21st. This card shows us how best to connect to the Light within and without - it symbolizes the Birth of the Sun.

~My card for this evening is The Empress. Deep in the forest, she is clothed in a dark green robe, trimmed in gold. As you follow down her body, she becomes a tree trunk, her roots reaching out around her. An abundance of fruits, grains and nuts are piled in front of her. In her hands is a glowing infant, a representation of(I can't believe I drew this card!), for me, the Sun's return on this day.
Her message is of birthing, growth, nurturing, whether it is a human child, an idea or project, or even care of yourself/Self.

What needs the chance to grow in my life in the coming year, what needs attention/nurturing?

3. The Time of Beth: - Dec 22nd. This card points to the inner blocks and resistance that is holding us back from following our dreams.

~My card this evening is the 10 of Swords. A naked man crouches on his knees covering his head with his arms. A red circular tattoo on his back is surrounded by the ten swords, their tips just piercing his skin. This card speaks of anguish and pain. Is the tattoo a manifestation of where his mind has led him? Has he been branded by his inadequacies?

It is time to re-examine some of my own thinking processes, redefine my priorities, figure out what isn't working and ways to move in a forward direction.

4. Hopi Time of Renewal Dec 23rd. This card indicates the best way for us to seek purification and renewal, and to build tolerance for others.

~Tonight I drew the 8 of Swords Rx. I see a nude woman in a crystal bubble/globe, facing away from me. Her arms are raised with her hands on the globe's surface. The crystal globe is held up by a circle of eight identical swords. The globe has a crackly design. I get the impression that she feels closed off from the world and is searching for a way out. Yet, if the bubble were to break, would she fall on the swords?

So, how does this apply to the focus of today's draw? Is the best way for me to find purification and renewal to seclude myself(remember this is a reversed card), and spend more time listening to what my spirit/mind/self is saying? Or is this a message for me to take a chance/risk to break out of the ways I've umm....closed myself off? Jupiter in Gemini-I'm not very familiar with either the planet or sign. I'll have to go do some reading on them.

5. Feast of Mothers, Christmas Eve: - Dec 24th. This card shows how we can connect with the spirits of our ancestors for communion and to ask for wisdom and guidance. It is also a time for Christians to reflect on the birth of Christ.

~I drew The Tower card tonight. Lightening rips across the tallest spire of a palace with several levels. This is an indication of sudden, sometimes violent change. There are, however, several shafts of sunlight streaming in from the upper left. The shafts of sunlight represent hope, new possibilities.

Today was a day of fairly sudden changes-the financial situation has changed for the better, good news from unemployment for my brother, my paycheck arriving a day early, all brought relief, allowed me to focus on other things with less worry. While not 'earth-shattering' in a Tower sort of way, it brings peace of mind that the hardships of winter will be less so, and that I can focus on things I need to for myself, and that the long weekend will be less of a struggle. One would hope that it isn't an indication of sudden changes occuring too often throughout the coming year. Maybe a reminder to not worry too much before the actual situation's time comes.

6. Festival of Life, Christmas: - Dec 25th. This card shows us how to connect directly with Spirit.

~Tonight's card is Death. Reversed. A hooded figure with a gaunt smooth skinned face, looks directly at me with his mouth open as if he's about to say something. Bare tree branches are illuminated by the full moon that rides behind him. A golden snake bearing(11 of the 12) zodiac sign glyphs rises out of the leaf covered ground in front of him. This figure is not frightening or intimidating in any way to me. More of an elder, ready to share his wisdom, if I'm ready to listen/learn.

Death usually represents the need for something to die/leave in order for something new to grow-the cycle of life. The reversal, I think indicates resistance to allowing that change to occur, that I'm holding on to emotions and thought processes that are hindering my growth spiritually. It certainly appears to be time to examine things carefully, as my spread so far has contained only Majors and Swords. Perhaps the message he's about to reveal to me is advice to pay closer attention, to open my awareness to Spirit. To let go of hesitance and fears that are no longer serving me.

7. Yuletide, Kwanzaa: - Dec 26th. This card shows us how to express nurturance, to attend to our families and to express the protective energy within us towards others.

~Tonight I've drawn the Devil. This card shows the Fool in a cage(with the door wide open), crouched naked, hugging himself, head down in a pose of fear, or possibly defeat. His devil stands above and behind the cage, his head held high, arms outstretched, holding the chains to the cage, although loosely. Inverted pentagrams rim the bottom of the Fool's cage, and another ringed in fire is between the Devil and the cage. Very faintly, you can see a larger upright pentagram in the background. So, what is preventing the Fool from jumping out of that open door?

My question is what does this card have to do with nurturing or expressing protective energy toward others? In my understanding of the Devil, he represents a side of myself that is rather self-indulgent, the inner critic, the holder of my deepest secrets and regrets, my 'shadow' self. While I'd like to administer swift kicks in the ass to my 'roommates'(brother and nephew) for their negligence of billpaying, and possibly myself for letting them get away with it, I see no connection. They don't need nurturing, they need money management classes(my inclination is to let them fall flat on their faces). Further investigation is required here.

*The only thing I'd add to this is that I do have an overactive sense of responsibility, thinking that it's my job to sacrifice so that others are taken care of, or able to do what they "want to".

8. Birth of Freyja: - Dec 27th. This card points to issues of love, luck, artistic and creative expression and female wisdom.

~For this position I drew the Knight of Coins/Pentacles(Rx). This knight is in full armor, his green and gold standard flies above his head and his shield is behind him. His helmet's face shield is down and it has antlers. His mount is dressed in it's finest green and gold, a unicorn style horn on it's face mask. He's rearing-as if saying I'm ready to go! They're in a field, perhaps awaiting their turn in a joust or the beginning of a battle. In the distance are reddish brown mountains, the blue sky behind shows the zodial wheel with the glyph for Aries on top.

I rarely draw Knights, so my knowledge is scant. From what I do know, he is ready for action-not one to sit on the sidelines, but in the thick of things. He pursues tangible results-pentacles being earthly in nature. He's not afraid of the work involved in his endeavors, doing the job to the best of his ability.

The reversed position, here, could be looked at two ways, I think. Either that I won't get past the thinking/intellectual stages(remember all the Swords I've drawn so far) of my works, or it will be an uphill battle for me. Persistence and hard work is required. As far as the love and luck go, a reversed card does not surprise me.

How'd I do? *I'll have to read up on the knights*

9. Feast of Alcyone: - Dec 28th. This card gives us a personal inner message - one that speaks directly to our heart and spirit.

~Tonight I've drawn the Page of Swords. She is a fair-complected, blond with blue eyes. She wears a neckpiece of silver and blue with a large central cabachon(blue) and blue beads along the neckline. Her gathered headpiece is also blue and silver with the same style of cabachon in the center front. It also has white feathers attached with a star-shaped brooch. Behind her in the night sky are clouds and 4 swords that show neither point or hilt. She has a solumn, rather knowing, expression.

Again, my lack of knowledge of the court cards is showing. I do know that Pages represent beginnings, messages, and for the rest I'm referring to the guidebook. says she's quick-witted and mercurial, curious about the world around her, but rather flighty in her thirst for knowledge. The white feathers indicate the airy qualities of her mind. The swords depicted, show that her thought processes are not grounded or complete enough to see the whole. Her message is that I have the basics, but need to focus on gaining knowledge/learning more.

It looks like I'll be spending the next year with my head in the books, struggling through my studies of Tarot and my spiritual growth.(At least she wasn't Rx'd)

10. Day of Nymphs - Dec 29th. This card encourages us to connect to our playful side, our inner child and how best to cultivate this aspect of ourselves.

~Queen of Swords(Rx)-A beautiful, very young queen, her long blond hair loose, wears a mesh headdress that encircles her eyes and has inverted wings over her ears. Her dark blue gown is made of rich fabric(a queen would wear velvets), has beaded trim, with gathered cap sleeves that have white gauze extensions to a tight cuff that loops around to her middle finger. She has an elaborate necklace(silver, I think) of a lacy design that flows down into the bodice of her gown. She has white feathery wings. She holds a sword, with both hands, point up. The zodiac circle is superimposed in front of her with the Libra glyph at the top.

This spread has much to teach me. She is my 3rd court card in a row and the 5th Sword in this spread. This young queen has a wary look about her, but holds the large sword with ease, her hands relaxed. And from here I'm using the guidebook again(not exact quotes)...she is referred to as a perfectionist, having exacting standards to which she holds herself and others. She's unstintingly honest, as the placement of her right hand on the blade of the sword indicates. Her message..."The Queen of Swords suggests you use your intuition when deciding if something adheres to or measures up to your original plan." "People may call you picky, but you'll be remaining true to your ideals."

But remember, she's reversed here. Maybe the message is to loosen up a bit, color outside the lines, as is fitting of today's position. Honestly, the Queen of Swords is me(except for the young part). Scary.

11. Day of Rest: - Dec 30th. This card shows us how to walk our path in a relaxed and confident way....with the ability to deal with stressful situations in a philosophical, detached way.

~My card tonight is the 10 of Wands(Rx). A nude man kneels on the ground, his head down. On his back is a stack of crisscrossed wands tipped by glowing spheres that are held in place by elaborate gold clasps, like the setting on a gemstone ring. The elemental sign of fire shines down on the scene.

This card reversed in this position, is a reminder to be careful about not overloading myself, especially with burdens that should be shared by others, to beware of my overactive sense of responsibility to others. I spent too many years being the be all, do all person, feeling like I couldn't ask for help, and I paid the price.

*I can't help but think that I'm missing something here, though. I may have to sleep on it and add more tomorrow. ::shrug::

12. New Year's Eve, Hogmanay - Dec 31st. This card shows us how to release the old and let in the new. This relates to both our external lives and our inner being.

The last card of this spread :::drum roll please::: is the Four of Wands. Trees in the foreground lead you to a pair of tall golden wood doors with elaborate scroll work panels and huge ring shaped handles. Four wands/pillars flank the doors, 2 on each side. The sky behind is dark with the red planet(Mars). The right door stands partly open, a golden light shining from behind. An open invitation to enter and discover what lies behind, in the light.

An ideal card for the last position in this spread. Look behind door #1! The secret of releasing the old and letting in the new is as simple as opening the door and walking through it. Or as the guidebook says, "When this card appears in a reading, now is the time to open the door, in other words to take concrete action to create the change you desire."

*oops the planet is actually a red moon* pulled on the Blue Moon!