Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Out with the Old, In with the New.

Today's DruidCraft Daily card is the 5 of Pentacles. This card shows a woman leaning against a tree, covering her eyes with her forearm. She is in despair, crying, shielding her eyes from seeing any more of what has so upset her.

Meanwhile in the background the greyhound is chasing and closing in on the hare. This scene is part of the story of Ceridwen and Taliesin. As she pursues him to regain the first three (magical)drops of the elixer she was creating for her son, Taliesin transforms/changes in order to elude her.

And so goes life. When things reach a certain point, in order to avoid destruction, change/transformation must occur. With that transformation, the old must die/cease to exist in order for the new to grow and thrive.

I think the book explains it better. "The process of breaking down, or loss, is as necessary as the process of building up, or gain, and this idea is conveyed in alchemy in the process of solve et coagula -dissolution and coagulation."

The fives represent change, suffering and loss(a necessary part of the process) must occur, and Pentacles signify the material world. For me, it translates into letting go of old habits, unneeded possessions that clutter forward movement, in order for the process to continue. While for some, this is a matter of loading things into a box/trash bag and heading for the proper recepticle, Viola, you're done.

I, on the other hand, have attached personal meaning/memory/fear of lack(for want of a better term) to many items that are indeed unnecessary to my life now. It becomes a two-part process for me-coming to the realization that it is time to cut the ties to these objects as well as hauling them out. My desire to achieve simplicity in my life requires this process, big time.

Again, this deck and its messages hold such relevancy in my life!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Messages and Patterns

Since I've started doing the daily draws with my DruidCraft, I've received some very interesting cards. Looking at them as a straight line spread(left to right) gives me so much to think about.

My card tonight was the 2 of Wands. This card depicts the Long Man of Wilmington(in Sussex). The outline of a man with a staff in each hand, creating the image of a door. With the forward movement of the twos, the two staffs could very well represent two parts of my life that I carry together, that could be incorporated into a whole, the possibilities are here for the seeing, experiencing.

While I haven't journaled here for all the cards I've drawn, they are as follows:

10 of Swords, 10 of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles, Queen of Swords, The Magician, Rebirth, The Lovers, The Star, Strength, 2 of Wands. I'm going to spend some time looking at this more, but the message seems to indicate that while I've got alot going on, my life is settled for now, my plans to study are well timed, that it will lead to more than just the study of a Tarot deck.

That, my friends, is the short version!


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

My card for last night was The Lovers VI. This card shows a couple making love in the woods. She's wearing a garland of flowers in her hair and he's got a leafy wreath with antlers on his head. It is Beltane and the time of celebrating the Wiccan Great Rite. It is also about the union of the two aspects of the self-conscious and unconscious.

One of the passages in the book that I connect with is: "To find fulfillment, purpose, meaning, enlightenment, wisdom and our full worth as individuals, we need to go beyond the confines of the self, to surrender to the 'More-than-Self'."

Another states-"At every moment in your waking life you have a choice: often these choices are simple, but sometimes they can be profound, and can provoke crises in your life."

And one more-" The psychologist and author James Hillman says, 'To be in an authentic dilemma is a tremendous privilege'. It may not feel like a privilege to you at the moment, but it is through engaging the dilemmas in your life that you develop maturity and depth of soul."

And you thought The Lovers was all about finding the love of your life!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Card for contemplation, this evening.

Tonight's card is Rebirth XX. In traditional tarot it is the Judgement card, which does carry a Christian undertone that wouldn't fit with Druid/Wiccan spiritualities. The card shows a young child, nude, walking out of a temple. A man stands to his left sounding a trumpet. As in announcing the child's arrival, completion of a ritual, a new beginning to greet/witness.

This card is about heeding the call for change/renewal. The changes may already have begun, leaving you with the decision to make the most of it, using your resources creatively, or passively letting life take you in whatever direction it will.

This is where I find myself. Standing on the brink of change/renewal, knowing that the key lies in the decisions I make. There is alot to overcome, as in bad/lazy habits. You get comfortable doing things a certain way, don't want change to rock the boat and show you that your way isn't working out so well. Knowing that you have to leave some of these comforts behind, that they don't serve your wellbeing. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure holding you back, hesitating on that first and even second step. The question that can be even more frightening is...what happens if I don't take this first and second step? Then where will I be?

The reverse meaning states just exactly what I've just expressed. I don't think I've ever read that passage before. Food for much thought...


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


After my daily draw and post yesterday, I've been thinking about simplicity more and more. It's causing me to look at my possessions with a new eye. I am a packrat and do have too many things-some(okay maybe alot) of them can be disposed of, donated, sold, etc., without undue stress on my part.

My card today seemed quite appropriate. The 4 of Pentacles! Yep, here's a guy kneeling in front of a chest, a bag of treasures/coins/goodies by his side. He's got the key in the lock and is about to open the chest and store his bag of goodies inside.

This can be looked at in many different ways. Is he saving for his future? Storing keepsakes for future generations? Or is he adding to his already bulging collection of what I fondly refer to as "stuff"? There was a movie with Steve Martin in it, the name escapes me right now, but one of his lines is that everyone has to have their 'stuff'(or something to that effect).

The book refers to pentacles and fours both being associated with Earth, matter, material possessions.

All these connections in just 3 days..... I wonder what I'll draw for my daily card tomorrow?


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something To Think About...

My daily draw for today was the Ten of Pentacles. Hmm....10's two days in a it possibly an indication of changes to come? The ending of one cycle and the start of something new to take me in a different direction? Time will tell.

This card depicts 3 generations of a family, pet included, in a home setting. An elderly gentleman surrounded by wife, granddaughter, with daughter in the background. It is a reminder to never forget the blessings you have, the abundance of the life that surrounds you. Even during times of struggle, there is much to be grateful for and to acknowledge.

The funny thing is that I just finished reading an article on simple living. A woman and her husband had taken on a challenge and pared down their belongings to just 100 things(she didn't say whether they still adhere to that limit). She spoke of getting rid of their 2 vehicles, their TV, and many of their possessions. Biking and walking everywhere in their daily lives, moving to a smaller dwelling, reducing her work hours and income, working from home, having more time to enjoy their life, and being happier. She said it was a gradual process of a couple years.

It was a good example in today's world of that 10 of Pentacles. It's got me thinking along the lines of just exactly how much of my "stuff" is unnecesssary clutter. Tarot decks, books and accessories excluded(of course)! While some things, like giving up my car, would be impractical(not biking 15 miles to work on a Michigan winter day), It's a very appealing thought.


Monday, August 9, 2010

It has certainly been a long time since I've posted and nearly as long since I've worked very much with my tarot decks. There have been a few sporadic readings, but that's it. It's time to change that, so I've started posting in the DruidCraft Daily Draws thread. Just one card on most days, to nudge myself back into the habit of handling my deck and refocusing on things I've let drift in the pursuit of other 'entertainments'.

Today I drew the 10 of Swords. What an appropriate card to start out with. The tens are an indication of endings/closure and in the Druid/Wiccan traditions of the cycle/circle of life, there then follow beginnings.

I feel like this poor guy with all the swords sticking out of his back as he lays(or lies?) facedown on the ground. Things for me are at an extremely low point, so....the only way to go from here is up(I hope). One of my first thoughts when I saw the card, though, was that I've got to work on narrowing down the projects/books/interests that I've been trying to take on. So many things, so little time, and so of course, nothing is being accomplished. Then I feel bad, ready to give up, but I just can't do that. The thought of giving up on my projects, studies, and crafts frightens me. What would be left?

I did a reading last week with a spread that I kind of threw together when I was at the lake, when I've refined it a bit, I'll share it-the spread. Anyway, The basic theme of the reading/interpretation was that this is a time of suspension, a time of rest to gather my wits and make a plan to refocus and move forward. This is what I need to be doing right now.

As the summer days grow shorter and we head into fall, it's the perfect time to work my way back into study. Like the kids who are counting the days with excitement/trepidation/dread, waiting for the first day of school, I anticipate renewing my own studies, without the dread....just the excitement and trepidation.