Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting back to it.

One of the things I seem to struggle with is maintaining a journalling practice, and looking at my life through tarot, when things get a bit overwhelming. This is when it is most beneficial, yet one of the first things to be ignored. So it's time for recommitting myself to these practices, and trying again.

Outer Energies-The Lovers VI
Aside from the obvious references, the Lovers represent making choices and living them. This is the theme for me lately. I've got to stand firm in my beliefs and actions in my mundane life, as well as spiritual and tarot practices. Some of these choices aren't easy, but the right ones for my life.

Inner Energies-Prince of Cups
Along with the Lovers guiding my choices, the Prince of Cups holds his chalice out in a salute of encouragement/strength. He wears a sober expression, as these are tough emotions I'm dealing with right now. They're painful memories of mistrust and being let down by those you should be able to trust and love, because they're family, and eating away at my trust in my own judgement, as well.

At times like these it is quite painful to not be able to depend on the people in your life. Lessons on trusting in myself, learning to take care of my own needs above theirs, are hard, and may in the long run, leave me alone again.


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