Monday, November 1, 2010

IDS Daily Draw, November 1st, 2010

Outer Energies- Seven of Pentacles
I love the beauty of this card. The druid apprentice harvests mistletoe from an oak tree on the Winter Solstice, with a golden sickle(knife). The seven pentacles are carved into the stone next to the oak tree. The sky behind the tree is an early morning bright.
Harvesting, trimming, pruning, and the wait from the Solstice onward for the light to gradually return. The strength of an oak tree, the tenacity of the mistletoe to survive, being a plant that grows in winter, when all other plants are at rest. These are things that come to mind when I see this card. It is a day for pruning some of the excess/unneeded out of my life. A time for patience, for letting the seed have the time it needs to grow and mature.

Inner Energies- The Lovers
The Lovers card signifies a joining, a choice to commit to something, as the lovers have committed to this act of love. Committing to this path I have taken my first steps on, is a major/tough decision for me. The loneliness and lack of companionship are painful for me, yet I feel these lessons have to be learned without the distraction/disappointment of trying to fit in and have social connections with others. And over the last day it has become clear that this is the way it will "simply" be, for now.

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