Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First New Moon Reading of the Year.

Today is the New Moon, and I'm back to my IDS, so my New Moon reading is with the DruidCraft Tarot. I, of course, have the opportunity to work any of my decks for any reading, and I have several that I love, but I keep reaching for the DC. I almost feel guilty sometimes for not using the others, but I get so much insight from these cards.....

1. What lays on your dark depths. What is unseen. What we stumble against in the dark night.
Seven of Swords. He sits writing by candlelight, the seven swords are on and propped against a table in front of him. This is a time for recordkeeping, or study, not action. His head is propped on one hand, indicating either concentration or fatigue. The crescent moon shines in the window behind him. He's either up late or getting an early start. Maybe this time of day is the quietest/best for him to accomplish his work.
This is a weakness of mine, there is so much I want to study and learn, yet I feel inadequate, incapable of learning all that I desire. The message of this card may be that I just need to ground and apply myself more toward these endeavors, put in more time and energy toward my studies. And the darkest parts of the morning are the best times for me to do this.

2. What will begin to show. To arise.
The Lord(Emperor). He sits on a stone throne, his staff in one hand, his leg is crossed over the other, and his other hand rests on that leg. His helmet is antlered and an eagle flies in the background, above his head. Here is authority, control, integrity, self-mastery.
This quote from the book sums it up well. "Take control of your life and offer clear and firm boundaries to those who depend on you. Lead your life by being true to your values and you will accomplish great things."
His message is one of practicality, honesty, work and personal ethics. This is what I need to work on.

3. What will illuminate the dark path. The key in the night.
The World. The Fool, at the culmination of his/her journey, stands naked on top of the world, within a vesica piscis of Celtic knotwork formed of twigs and leaves. The four tools/suits are placed at the corners. While one cycle is complete, another is ready to begin, such is the cyclic nature of "being".
The World's message is one of forward motion, with the New Year upon us, the possibilities are endless, my 'tools' are at hand, a goal is set.

0. Yourself. Shadow card from the base of the deck.
Three of Pentacles. A craftsman is carving a design of three pentacle in a stone pillar. A cat rubs against his leg and there are several onlookers admiring his work, but he is concentrating on his craft.
Now is the time to focus on the development of self, of honing my skills, undetered by distractions. I am that craftsman, and this is the time to devote myself to the creation of my goals, my life.

What an inspirational and dead accurate reading for the beginning of the year, and the New Moon. Now, the work begins in earnest, and this reading shows me that I am capable of accomplishing anything I desire to create in my life!


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