Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tarot of the Sidhe- First Impressions

Tarot of the Sidhe by Emily Carding. I thought these cards looked appealing the first time I saw the scans and intended to order them at some point, not really having the extra money for decks right now. I'd been tracking down a companion book for another deck on Amazon which had been out of stock. I discovered they had it again, so decided to go ahead and get it right away. I wanted to take advangtage of the free shipping so I browsed for something to bring my total over $25, I decided to add this deck. That's how the Tarot of the Sidhe came to be in my mailbox(well, the package notice) yesterday.

I usually have the patience to get home before tearing open my packages, but just couldn't resist. I was immediately taken with the images that were before my eyes, felt the energy, and knew that this was a deck to command my attention immediately and completely. So, here I am changing my PDR to Tarot of the Sidhe, and suspending my IDS with the DruidCraft for now.

The colors are vibrant, the artwork is hand-done and stunning, ink and watercolors, "vivid and raw, executed with some speed in order to try and capture the elusively fluid nature of the realm and beings of the Sidhe."(from the companion book) Emily states there was no sketching or forward planning. She was inspired directly by the Sidhe.

After reading the introduction and description of what the Sidhe are, I get the feeling that each individual that works with this deck will come away with their own definition and impressions of "who" the Sidhe are, for they will appear and communicate differently with everyone.

I'd like to say that I'll be disciplined enough to go through the whole deck and write my own intuitive first impressions before shuffling and reading, but.... I'm just too excited to begin listening to them for that to happen. I'll record my first impressions as I turn up new cards. And that first reading is for the morning, when I'm at my best!


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Angela said...

I've been so good about not wanting many new decks, only receiving one for Christmas, that I'cw barely used... and now you're the second one to post about this deck. I'm wishing I had the money to buy this, and the Universal Fantasy, as well as a Shadoowscapes for my friend.

I'm looking forward to your posts, although I was thinking about doing the PDR with my own Druidcraft once again. I'm still not sure. I feel like I should give it some personal attention.

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