Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Solstice Readings, finally

It all started in the pre-dawn hours Monday morning. I'm an early bird anyway, and it being the longest day of the year, I decided to build a campfire and wait for the first signs of light. Kind of my own little fire festival to welcome Summer.

I brought out my DruidCraft and the lovely pouch that Mi-Shell designed for it and smudged them in my Solstice fire's smoke. Then sat down to do a simple Mind, Body, Spirit reading. It follows:

Mind-7 of Pentacles, shows a robed figure harvesting mistletoe with a curved sickle knife(a boline?). This card, for me, is an example of performing the sacred, the essential. Harvesting. And in the context of the mind-study, learning, a period of spiritual study.

Body-Queen of Pentacles, a queen with a very earthy essense, she's comfortable in who she is, expresses herself creatively(here, she's drumming). I get a sense of "pleasure in the simple" from her. *Acceptance of my physical self, yet a willingness to work to make healthy changes* While this isn't particularly demonstrated in the card, I feel that if we sat down to talk, that would be her advice to me.

Spirit- The Sun. Possibilities, potential, a sense of optimism(and the perfect card for a Solstice reading). A young child on horseback, he glows with this. In the position of Spirit, it indicates a period of connection to divinity, of growth. And at this time, for me, guidance on the direction of my spiritual path. A time for study and exploration to help define what my personal spirituality is evolving into.

While normally a 3 card draw, this reading became 4. As I moved the deck aside, the bottom card dropped and flipped face up, so, of course it-the 5 of Cups- was added, becoming the Self/shadow card. This card shows a lone robed figure facing the water, watching a fish jump(salmon), being chased by an otter(I know this because of the book). Behind him/her 2 full cups sit on a flat rock, 3 are spilled on the ground. For me, the cups on the ground are actions past, the 2 full cups possibilities yet to come. I see the figure in the card as myself, on a quest that can only be journeyed alone.

This reading blew me away, discussing study, experience, potential, acceptance of self. All things I've felt quite adrift in lately.

It is now the moment of the Solstice(7:28 am) and time to give thanks and spread out the ashes of my fire. For less than a heartbeat, time stands still, all sound is now Summer.....

~Thanks For Stopping By~


Enelinwen said...

I really like the idea of doing the BODY, MIND and SPIRIT spread there in the pre-dawn, by a fire. It brought me completely back to one of the greatest retreats I've been on, where we learned about The Fire Keeper. What a beautiful reading you had there! (and 15 pages! WOW! Is very impressed!). :)

Solstice Blessings,


Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

Trying to write as fast as my mind was going left most of it illegible. Unprintable! but what a day!

Solstice Blessings to you, too! Leigh

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