Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Solstice Reading #2.

The perfect way to for me spend part of the day on the Solstice was to go out to the lake. I packed up a sandwich, my swimsuit and towel, snacks, the DruidCraft, book and my journal and headed to the State Park. At 8:30 am, I was the only person at the beach. Aside from the workers cleaning the restrooms and changing trash bags, my only companions were a mama duck and her 10 ducklings.

I found Bodhran's Summer Solstice Spread in the spreads forum on AT(linked at the top right of my blog). It looked like the perfect spread for this occasion.

Placing The Sun in the center of the spread(who had already visited me this morning), I drew the cards.

1. During the Summer Solstice, more light is available to us. What in my life has been in shadow, that I need to shine a bright light on so I can see it clearly for what it is.
Seven of Pentacles-Another repeater from my Sunrise Fire reading this morning, in the mind position. For it to show up here is an indication to me to pay close attention to it. Here, obviously, the keywords in general apply: Magic, Spirituality, Research. These have lain neglected for too long.

2. The word Solstice comes for the latin "sol"(meaning sun) and "sistere"(meaning to cause to stand still). What in my life am I trying to force into happening when instead I need to be still and patient?
The Prince of Wands- He and his horse are charging ahead, in full gear, off to face his challenges. Yet his eyes are closed....(the court cards are a weak point for me, so this all comes from the book). The Prince of Wands is full of enthusiasm and energy. He loves to initiate projects and to have ideas, but he has truoble completing them - his eagerness is greater than his commitmenmt to seeing things through. For your personal development, it would be wise to work on cultivating reliability, attention to detail, commitment, and the ability to deliver on your promises-to yourself and to others."
~I need to stop planning "projects" and concentrate on fulfilling my promises(already made) to my "self". ~
*Added during my edits-however, considering the rest of my reading there is one project that needs starting and completing as it will be an integral part of my life.

3. The Solstice is often called the midsummer because it is roughly in the middle of the growing season. What in my life is fertile and productive now? What are my opportunities for growth?
Seven of Cups - A youth is gazing into a pool that reflects 6 cups, nothing more than visions. One full cup is by his side. This card talks about "dreams, ideas, visions we can conjur up within our soul. It is vital that we appreciate the difference between the world of imagination and the physical world."
In this position it's saying that I need to be careful to strike the delicate balance between my dreams and visions of what I want my life to become, and the practicality of achieving these goals in reality.

4. After Summer Solstice, the days gradually become shorter,and the Sun's strenth wanes as winter approaches. What is waning in my life? What do I need to release?
The Lady(Empress). Seeing this shocked me. I was baffled. What could possibly be good about allowing the Lady's energies wane? Reading the book description didn't help. As I sat and stared at the card, nothing came to me. Giving up, I went for a swim, and while I was floating around, the picture in my mind, I noticed the abundance again, so many things in her arms. An aspect I hadn't thought of-at least not in terms of something that needs releasing.
I've spent quite a bit over the last couple months on tarot decks, books, and craft supplies. Now a reduced schedule and car problems have left me very short on cash. My spending is done for awhile. This led me down a whole train of thought about the 'things' in my life that I've accumulated that have 'a' value, but not 'true' value on a higher level for me. A desire for developing a simpler lifestyle with less 'stuff' has haunted the back of my mind lately. Paring down some of the excess is the new project I mentioned, finding ways to live a simpler life.

The Solstice was a life-changing day for me. Spending time with the messages from these readings has been eye opening.

~Thanks For Stopping By~

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