Friday, September 17, 2010

Time to Hermitize!

The card for my daily draw last night was The Hermit, IX. "A lone, robed man stands on a cliff, carrying a staff and holding a lit lantern. His only companion is a wolf. It is sunset, the waning crescent moon illuminates the light cloud cover.

His message for me this evening is - while my life is so busy right now with so many things to catch up on, don't forget to take the time to go inward. To seek inner knowledge and center myself, quiet contemplation, meditation, or perhaps just some daydreaming. More indications that I need to work on achieving balance."

The Hermit generally depicts and old, wise individual. It brings to mind wisdom that only comes from experience, knowledge handed down and passed on to those deemed worthy. A solitary person who prefers the company of animals, and a quiet place to just 'be'.

When The Hermit appears in a reading for me, it is indeed time to withdraw from the drama, the busyness of my outer life and listen to my 'self', my subconscious. A time for quiet study. With the Autumnal Equinox occuring on the 22nd(11:09pm EDT), the dark half of the year arrives. It is a time for study, reflection, meditation, inner works.

My card tonight was Fferyllt, XIV which in most decks is Temperance. This card refers to blending the inner with the outer, creating a balanced whole self. It's not a card that I draw very often, if ever, so this will be one of the cards that I spend more time with, in my studies. It's going to be a while before I begin this indepth study, as I want to do some preliminary work first. I also have a couple other decks that I want to spend some time with, before I put them all away for this study.


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