Sunday, October 31, 2010

IDS Daily Draw

Outer Energies- Five of Swords
Today I am the defeated one. Walking away frome the battle with my head hung low and empty handed, my weapons forfeit. The fives are about transformation, and indeed, I am looking at transforming things in my life, yet again.

Inner Energies- Three of Cups
I'm disappointed that the DruidCraft thinks I need reminded fo the comraderie and joy shared by friends on a day like this. I am sad because there is none, nor am I going to do anything to encourage these energies in the near, or far for that matter, future. I've given up. The hand that was extended has been withdrawn and is now held close to my heart, to keep it from falling out of my chest.

Today, which is considered the Celtic New Year, I am renewing efforts to learn about Celtic Spirituality, chakras, my 'self'. I'm embarking on a year of solitary quest and learning, healing, with Tarot as a tool for bringing that which lies hidden in my core out to be examined and transformed. I have much to learn.

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