Friday, February 5, 2010

A reflection of my progress in my PDR

This spread was adapted by Onyx for use in reading exchanges for members of the PDR group. I'm not participating for a few different reasons, one being that I've just switched decks. I've done the reading for myself with the DruidCraft, though, gaging my own progress.

Primary Deck Reflection Spread.

#1. How am I progressing with my PDR?
Queen of Pentacles.
This Queen is very earthy, practical(pragmatic), using what is available to her to it's utmost, as indicated by using a long bone to strike her drum(the animal's skin). She represents late winter, noting the snowdrops in the foreground.
Keywords taken from the AT study group-
A very grounded figure
Listening to your intstincts
This queen is comfortable in her own skin
My thoughts- How am I progressing? Not as well as I'd hoped. But, I think by changing to a deck that is more grounded in my spiritual background, my growth as a reader will bring a more thorough understanding, albeit slow progress. I've got to listen more to my instincts. As a late winter representation, this card shows the promise of beginnings. I guess in certain aspects I do relate to this Queen.

#2. Why do I need to do this PDR?
Prince of Pentacles
This Prince sits atop his horse with his sword drawn, but down at his side, as if in preparation for battle/competition. The background for this card also shows dawn/late winter.
My knowledge of the Court Cards is fairly limited, and the companion book places them first, giving me an opportunity to become better acquainted with them. I know Princes/Knights are action and he's saying that this will help me develop a more practical/methodical approach in my learning.

#3. What problems am I facing with my PDR?
King of Swords

This King's message is that I need to be honest with myself about my level of commitment to study, to become more disciplined and thorough. He's sitting there on his throne with his hand on his chin-reminding me of a study hall monitor, just waiting for someone to disrupt the atmosphere of quiet study.

#4. What do I need to focus on developing in my PDR?
The Wheel
A woman is constructing a sacred circle in the beach sand with her wand, at the entrance of a cave. The area is surrounded by a low circle of stones, indicating a secluded, protected area. The only other thing she has brought into her circle is a pendant/necklace with the Wheel of the Year/the eight spokes that represent the eight Sabbats, the cycles of Life. The image is quite different from other depictions of the Wheel of Fortune.
I get the feeling that she isn't creating this circle to perform ritual or magical workings, but as a space for contemplation of the hidden mysteries of life. That's why she chose the entrance to this cave, it's mysteries hidden from view in the recesses.
She's inviting me to look deeper.

#5. What can I gain from this PDR?
The Hermit
He stands on a cliff at sunset, a wolf is his only companion. A waning crescent moon shines through the clouds. The Hermit, to me, represents introspection. Of taking the time to gain a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me.

Overall message. Having stumbled along for the first month, changing my deck and "starting over" has brought me back on track. I have a great deal to learn from/about this deck and my PDR. I've got to develop stronger discipline in my study habits, becoming more thorough in my research. With the gudiance of this deck, I will gain greater understanding of Tarot, and of my life/spirituality.

On reading in the study group threads, I discovered that the "rooster" is a hen. A representation of Ceridwen from the story of Taliesin. I've also seen the Hermit's lantern in meditation, just the lantern. Not knowing what it referred to, I journaled about it and waited. When I received my DruidCraft and saw the Hermit card I immediately recognized the connection.

It does, however need a trim. A new pair of Fiskars(on sale for $5) and a corner rounder came home with me from the craft store last night. I'm nervous about doing this, yet excited to make this deck even more my own.

:) Leigh


Kafka's Ghost said...

Keep us posted on your trimming adventures! And a wonderful journey with your switched deck. :)

SeedThought said...

:) I love my trimmed DCT! I'd highly recommend it.

Do you think your Wheel lady is asking you to carve out time and space for your PDR? I know spring is a busy season for me, so I will need to make time for my DPO.

And it seems we are both undergoing a deep journey with our decks! If the DPO had a hermit, Im sure it would have come up in my spread :P


Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

Oh, excellent point! I do need to spend more focused time with my deck.

My schedule will be 'full' very soon, for a few weeks at least, so it's a good time now to get busy.

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