Monday, February 15, 2010

The last week or so has been rather enlightening for me. I had a busy work schedule, which in some ways is good, but when you've got personal projects calling your name, it becomes a clock watching game. This week is much calmer and I'm looking forward to having a day off today, and maybe Friday if I'm lucky.

I didn't do much reading with my DruidCraft, but I've got a good excuse(reason). I trimmed the white border off it and the Druid Plant Oracle, taking 4 evenings to finish them. I was very nervous about doing this, but my inner self said "make it yours"! They're now a bit smaller, and richer in color, and a tiny bit uneven, but I Love Them! (someday, I'll be confident enough to trim the card names off, too)

I also completed my "First Ever" reading for someone else with my DPO in the Oracle Reading Circle. I can hear you saying to yourself, "ah, no biggie, I do it all the time". But, for me, it was a major breakthrough. I'm not very confident in my 'skills' and have only just recently begun to listen to my intuition. Just listening to what the images are saying to me, not checking the book till after I've done my interpretation. The reading went very well, once I got past my nerves and my exchange partner(rachelcat) was very pleased with it. It's here.

Will I do more readings for others? Maybe eventually, but I've got alot more study to do first. I'm going to work through "21 Ways To Read a Tarot Card" and practice, practice, practice on myself first. When I picked up my first deck of tarot cards, it wasn't about learning to read for others, it was about learning more about myself and healing. It still is. I've also gotten "Tarot Shadow Work" by Christine Jette, lined up for my second "course".

I'm planning on coming back here more often-this week and in the future, making a deeper commitment to my studies, now that some of my 'other life' stresses have lessened(long story). I find myself rather Tarot Addicted right now!

Till then....

:) Leigh


Anna said...

Good luck with your progression! 21 ways is a wonderful book! It sits in my self with a lot of doggy-ears!

Kafka's Ghost said...

Congratulations, Leigh! I commend you for stepping outside of your comfort zone to learn and to help. I just love that DPO/DC combo! :)

SeedThought said...

congrats on your first reading for someone else:)

And at least you have awareness of where you want to go with your tarot/divination journey. Well done you :)

DB said...

Good for you Leigh. I eventually got to the point where I stopped giving readings to other people. There were often things I didn't want to tell them. May you never have to reach that point.


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