Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I believe that things happen for a reason, everything has its timing. Last week I mentioned that I wanted to change my PDR deck to the DruidCraft. I was going to begin working with it on Thursday night or Friday. Other things needed my attention, and for the Full Moon I did the reading that appeared in the Wolf Moon Tonight thread in Talking Tarot, with my Tarot of Dreams. It was a very insightful reading and took me a few days to interpret. I intended to post it here this morning, but the notebook I wrote it up in has vanished. Disappeared. Or maybe it's just hidden from my sight for now.

So, this morning I reached for the DruidCraft.

I hadn't done more than go through DruidCraft to make sure it was all there and read the introduction in the book. Hadn't even shuffled it once. I wanted fresh perspective for my first reading. I used this reading by Wisp Wings, with a bit of rewording. I really liked the layout of the spread, with nothing to the left(past energies).


#1. The Foundation. What do you want me to know about you? Rebirth(XX) "I'm not like the other decks you've been working with. I'm here to help tie your work/learning in Tarot and your spiritual growth together."

#2. Height of Learning. What will you teach me? 5 of Cups "Although your path is solitary, your connections to nature and your pagan beliefs are strong, embrace that connection, for you are never truly alone."

#3. The Core, the Heart. What will our relationship be like? The High Priest(V) "We will have a strong spiritual connection. It is time for you to grow your knowledge/awareness with my guidance."

#4. Collaborating. How can I best learn from you? The Magician "Keep your eyes and mind open. You've seen the rooster before." *Ohhhh, yes I have.*

On the Magician image there is a black rooster. It was one of the first things that caught my eye on the card. He appeared to me in a meditation a couple months ago, along with another black, a red and a white(On a white porch rail). I couldn't figure out what exactly those roosters stood for. It puzzled me, and I just wrote it down, thinking there would come a time when I would finally understand. Now I understand.

The image of the 5 of Cups is a lone figure wearing a hooded robe and barefoot-standing on a riverbank, gazing out into the water, watching a fish jump. 3 cups are spilled on the ground, 2 full cups sit on a flat rock behind him/her. I immediately saw this as a representation of myself in surroundings near where I live. I connected immediately. The High Priest is sitting there just waiting for me to take my seat and begin.

As I practice my intuitive skills-minimal-I take a shot at just reading the image on the card, recording it and then going to the companion book for added insight. There is alot of symbolism in this deck that I need to learn, and with the help of the Druid Plant Oracle that I haven't started learning yet(but need to start) and finding the Druid Animal Oracle, which I think will all tie in together fabulously, I think it's safe to say that I'll be spending a great deal of time with this trio.(sorry about the confusing run-on sentence)

Now is the time!


Anonymous said...

How exciting! Don't you just love it when you see something that you don't understand, but you write it down for "safe-keeping" and then later on, the meaning arrives?

See, you aren't the only one who can craft an incredibly delightful run-on sentence? ;-)

I'm excited to follow your journey with your new deck!

Have a gorgeous evening!


Kafka's Ghost said...

Oooh, a tarot trifecta!! :D I am also looking forward to seeing how you develop your skizzles with those beautiful decks.

Angela said...

This is my favourite deck. :) I've also wanted to work with all three - the DC + the two oracles - so I might join you at some point.

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