Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Moon Spread

I love this spread! It was created by Eowyn and found here on Aeclectic.

With only 4 cards it can be read as lightly or as deeply as you'd like. I added an inspiration card from my DPO, which really brought even more into the reading.


Drawn from the top of the deck:
#1. What lays on your dark depths? What is unseen?
#2. What will begin to show, to arise?
#3. What will illuminate the dark path? The key in the night.
And finally:
#0. Yourself. Shadow card, drawn from the base of the deck. I drew and read this position last.

#1. What lays on your dark depths? Princess of Wands. She's shown up a few times for me lately and I'm surprised she didn't show up reversed. I'm rather timid/hesitant, with little self-confidence, and I can be a terrible procrastinator, easily distracted into wasting time on inconsequential things. She's not being so patient with me, now. She's showing me that I can leave the doubts/fears behind-the line of clouds in the background and clear sky above her, the light showing on the road beneath her feet are all signs of moving forward.
From the book-"may also indicate a general quickening of the pace of life-a new phase of activity just starting."

#2. What will begin to show, to arise? The Lord. He sits on a stone throne, a strong foundation. He wears a red cape showing confidence and authority. His green robes under his breastplate are indicating a strong earthly connection/basis. I wasn't sure about the bird in the sky, so I resorted to the book.
From the book-"The eagle represents the powers of consciousness, clarity and analytical thought."
"The message of The Lord is: Take control of your life and offer clear and firm boundaries to those who depend on you. Lead your life by being true to your values and you will accomlish great things."

#3. What will illuminate the dark path? The key in the night. Prince of Swords. Sword drawn, shield in place, his horse on the move, he is ready for action. I need to begin 'doing' more toward my personal goals, creating the changes in my life.
From the book-"a radical change in your lifestle or your routine-a whole new life may open up for you."

#0. Yourself. Shadow card drawn from the base of the deck. 10 of Wands Rx. The wands strapped to his back, he trudges up a rocky hillside, however in the reversed position will some of those wands slip out of the strap? I hope so. I'm tired of the burdens I carry, inner as well as outer. This is about leaving them behind, shedding what no longer applies in my life. Leaving behind my misplaced sense of responsibility for others-my penchant to sacrifice meeting my needs for others. This goes back a long way for me, carried over from my marriage and taking care of my husband during his disability.
From the book-"The opportunity exists for you to free yourself of burdens. It may occur as a conscious change of attitude or behavior, in which your reprioritize your life. A more balanced and rewarding time awaits you."

My interpretation- In the dark, the beginnings of my true path await me. My foundation is solid, home, work, my outer life is stable. It is time for me to 'walk the talk' and live my life by being true to my values, reprioritizing my needs and creating a new lifestyle for myself, by freeing myself from the burdens from the past that have weighed my "being" down. Simplify, declutter, shed the detritus of that which no longer serves me.

I drew a card from the Druid Plant Oracle for inspiration.
Ivy. Keywords- Prophecy, Connection, Death and Rebirth.
Confirming my need to free myself from burdens(inner ones with this card) resolving inner conflict and fears. By becoming more aware of myself and my limitations, I can connect with my true creativity and that which inspires me.

I got a good start yesterday, working in my bedroom, rearranging the bookcase and sorting through some boxes of books for trade-ins at the used bookstore(making room for more decks and books). I do think this spring will be filled with changes for me. And certainly, with study and learning. I'm very adept at planning and even taking the first steps on new starts-only to fall into old habits and discouragement, that's got to change.

I should have my Druid Animal Oracle within a week, and my Mugwort card will be sent out at the end of this week. I went to the OBOD website to request the replacement and spent some time looking at what Druidry is. I'll be visiting there again.

Till later...

:) Leigh

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ChickAndEgg said...

Oh my, this spread looks amazing! I'm going to try it later. Eowyn really does come up with such creative ideas; she has such a unique approach to Tarot. Thanks for directing me towards it!

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