Monday, August 9, 2010

It has certainly been a long time since I've posted and nearly as long since I've worked very much with my tarot decks. There have been a few sporadic readings, but that's it. It's time to change that, so I've started posting in the DruidCraft Daily Draws thread. Just one card on most days, to nudge myself back into the habit of handling my deck and refocusing on things I've let drift in the pursuit of other 'entertainments'.

Today I drew the 10 of Swords. What an appropriate card to start out with. The tens are an indication of endings/closure and in the Druid/Wiccan traditions of the cycle/circle of life, there then follow beginnings.

I feel like this poor guy with all the swords sticking out of his back as he lays(or lies?) facedown on the ground. Things for me are at an extremely low point, so....the only way to go from here is up(I hope). One of my first thoughts when I saw the card, though, was that I've got to work on narrowing down the projects/books/interests that I've been trying to take on. So many things, so little time, and so of course, nothing is being accomplished. Then I feel bad, ready to give up, but I just can't do that. The thought of giving up on my projects, studies, and crafts frightens me. What would be left?

I did a reading last week with a spread that I kind of threw together when I was at the lake, when I've refined it a bit, I'll share it-the spread. Anyway, The basic theme of the reading/interpretation was that this is a time of suspension, a time of rest to gather my wits and make a plan to refocus and move forward. This is what I need to be doing right now.

As the summer days grow shorter and we head into fall, it's the perfect time to work my way back into study. Like the kids who are counting the days with excitement/trepidation/dread, waiting for the first day of school, I anticipate renewing my own studies, without the dread....just the excitement and trepidation.


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Enelinwen said...

It is absolutely wonderful to see you here again! I'm very excited to see what you've been posting over at AT.

Interestingly, just yesterday in a daily draw, the Theme for my day was the 10 of Swords. Reading what you said about the card, confirms the way I saw it yesterday. Happy dancing here! :)



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