Sunday, October 3, 2010

Thoughts on Beginning My IDS

Just jumping into a project like an IDS(Intensive Deck Study) without much more than some scattered thoughts on how to go about it may seem reckless/foolish. But the start of the new IDS thread at AT was a sign that "Yes, you should do this now!". So now I scramble to get myself organized and set up a study plan of sorts.

This is my first IDS, and I haven't done a serious study of anything in a long time, so I'm quite unsure on how to go about this. The logical place is the companion book, going through it from beginning to end, and make use of the resources listed on the Further Reading/Resources page in the back. To look up and research anything I am unfamiliar with as I go along. Would that be too random of a study? Would I become lost on some side path along the way?

With a deck like The DruidCraft, there are many avenues of study. The spiritual systems that the deck stems from, their symbols on the individual cards, the significance of the plants and animals on the cards, the numerology to list a few possibilities.

I've set a 3 month timeframe to start with, but for such an enormous undertaking that seems rather short. I can, of course, extend that time period, and modify my pledge accordingly. The thing is.....all my decks, except those listed for this study will be put away. I'll miss them. I'll be tempted to get one or two out for play(Froud's Faeries and Heart of Faerie, especially). I know that I can endure for the 3 month original study, but after that? *sigh*

While I have a paper journal and notebook for this, I want to use this blog as well. I can type faster(more legibly) than handwriting, so my thoughts can be captured before they fall out the swiss cheese holes of my brain. Then I'll copy the notes and readings into my paper versions. That may seem like extra work, but it will also help set it all into the recesses of my memory.

I think that's enough for now, I've got a two card daily draw to interpret and post in DruidCraft Daily Draws, then other things to occupy my time throughout the day, I'll come back later and post them here, as well.

Please feel free to leave comments on any of my posts, I need all the helpful suggestions and encouragement I can get!



Enelinwen said...

Greetings Leigh! :) I'm very excited for you! And your plans sound good. I agree, using both types of journals, does help to retain the information. I do that myself. I look forward to watching how an IDS evolves. I'm sure it will be a very exciting journey. Intensive study is so very satisfying :)

Bright Blessings


Onyx said...

Good Luck! An IDS is a great thing but takes some strength and determination. But if you can get through the three months it will really pay off I am sure.


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