Thursday, October 7, 2010

Progress, Slow But Sure...

If I hadn't just jumped in with both feet, I'd still be seesawing back and forth in my decision-making process. Wanting to do this study, thinking about things to do to "prepare" before starting, putting it off because I haven't done anything to "prepare". I'd probably never 'get started'. Here I am, ready or not!

I'm doing daily draws, and starting to read in the book. As I come across things I don't know or understand, I'll be researching them. I was going to do a card by card study, but thought I'd look at what makes this deck unique first. I've been reading about the story of Ceridwen and Taliesin, and I'll be posting what I learn. I'll also be reading up on Pythagoras and the Numerology. I think these are pretty good places to start.

Short and sweet. I'll post my New Moon reading tomorrow.


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Enelinwen said...

Greetings Leigh :)

I'm always happy to see your updated blog! And I'm really looking forward to the information you'll be posting on Ceridwen and Taliesin, as well as Pythagoras and the Numerology! I was working with Numerology many years ago, but a different system than is in vogue now. Still, I've seen some posts by readers who include a numerological aspect in their interpretation of readings. Very interesting. Will be looking for your AT posts to keep up on your progress.



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