Saturday, January 16, 2010


Strange title, I know...but it was the captcha word that I just typed in for a blog comment and thought it was rather catchy, so.....:)

No reading tonight, just a few "fings" on my mind. I've been doing daily readings most days with my ToD, just some 3 card Mind, Body, Spirit spreads to help me focus on some of the things I'm working on accomplishing this coming year, then journaling on my thoughts-mostly too disorganized and personal to post here. I carry the 3 cards with me through the day to glance at and ponder as I drive from client to client or while I'm doing their chores, my trusty notepad by my side.

I've added a few decks to my 'collection'. The DruidCraft Tarot kit, the Druid Plant Oracle, the Mystic Dreamer, and the Haindl. I'd ordered the Haindl with my pre-order for ShadowScapes from Amazon(love that free shipping) and expected it to be delivered in May. I'm nowhere near ready to take it on for study, but have ordered the companion books by Rachel Pollack so that they're all together when I am. Oh, and I just love the DruidCraft and the DPO! Confession-I need to get a magnifier for the Mystic Dreamer, I love the details, but my eyes aren't that sharp anymore.

I'll have time tomorrow to spend some time reading with my ToD for a post here. Till then....

:) Leigh

ETA-one of my first captcha words this morning was fingly. Really!

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SeedThought said...

You'll love the Druid Plant Oracle :D I am working with it, as you know, and Im starting to weave it with the Druidcraft tarot - without getting myself TOO confused! LOL


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