Monday, January 18, 2010


The cards have baffled me this evening. I pulled cards for the My Day spread and they have me wondering what I missed.

Layout- ...2...1...3...

#1. What did I do well in today? Lovers

#2. What do I need to leave behind in today? 3 of Coins

#3. What should I take forward from today into tomorrow? Knight of Cups

For #1 the only choice I can think of was not going shopping after work this afternoon. Granted, I probably saved myself some money, because I didn't go to the used bookstore, but now I still have to go pick up the rest of the things I was going to get and they'll cost me more locally. And who knows, there could have been a book I've been looking for-or even a deck I've missed out on now....And the roads could be crappy next Monday, making the trip impractical.

#2 has me brainstraining. I can't think of anything about this that should be left behind. I look at the 3 of Coins as a good, productive, positive card. Today was a very average work day for me, and quiet-uneventful when I came home from work.

#3. Cups. Knights. I got nuthin. The only thing I can think of is that he's looking back at the other two cards, but....? (maybe he's a peeping tom, lol)

With daily spreads, I usually know what they're talking about. I guess I'll leave them out on my desk and sleep on it.

Any thoughts?


SeedThought said...

okie doke, heres a thought..
card 1 - lovers, you did well to fight temptation of the book store, but perhaps theres a lesson to go shopping and STILL fight temptation of the bookstore? But you were self-aware, and thats a choice and a unity of yourself :)
card 2 - leave humdrum work behind when you go home?
card 3 - sometimes the King of Cups can get sulky at themselves, feeling fed up so thats something not to take forward to tomorrow. Today was a humdrum day, make tomorrow inspiring?

Ive read them all reversed, weird lol. Do you use reversals?

Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

Reversals-I still struggle with them, so I don't use them most of the time. If I'm doing a 'big' spread for insight, yes, for example I used them for my Sacred Days of Yule.

As for the shopping, I don't get to this town very often, it's 40 miles from home, but my clients home is closer, and the main attraction to traveling to this town is going to this bookstore-and there's a Walmart there, which is where I usually shop(at one closer to my home). But I do see your point. :) And I hate to admit it, but I made the right choice by coming home.


Anonymous said...

Leigh, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has to leave the cards out for awhile from time to time until I'm open to receiving their messages. :-)

Have a gorgeous evening!


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