Friday, January 8, 2010

PDR/Tarot of Dreams

More interviews! Kafka's Ghost has created a wonderful spread for learning about your Spirit Guides, posted here on Aeclectic Forums in the Tarot Spreads forum.

This(my Spirit Guides) is something I've been curious about for a long time, so I began this series of interviews. I shuffled well, drew the top card and who looks up at me but The Devil, himself. ::deep breath:: Okay ::deep breath:: 15 Guides? Seriously? Could it possibly need to be reduced to 6? The Devil dared me to check(although at this point we all know better, now don't we?), so I shuffled again, asked if I have 15 guides and pulled the Yes/No/Maybe Spread and of course it came up a resounding Yes. Silly me....

Of the 15, 4 have consented to be interviewed at this time. With work schedules and other distractions of daily life it's taken me several days to do these interviews. I'll share the first one today.

This Spirit Guide is my "main" Guide, she's been with me the longest. I knew the minute I saw the cards what she would be conveying to me.

Spirit Guide #1,
Please tell me something about your personality and/or temperament.
Justice-in the Tarot of Dreams, Justice is an armored woman holding the 2 sides of the scales, one in each hand equally balanced.
"I am strong, protective, and I'm here to teach you about balance in your life. My scales are the symbol of your birth sign(Libra), and as this(2010) is your #11/Justice year, you will feel me strongly. It is quite appropriate that you've begun to learn about us at this time."

Why are you with me? (Created, personal interest, assigned, etc.) Death.
"You have faced/will face many death/rebirth cycles in your lifetime. I am here to teach/remind you of the wisdom/growth found in these cycles in your life."

When is your presence the strongest? 4 of Swords.
"When you're at rest. In your dreams, where you sort through the events and emotions of the day."

Please tell me of an event in which your presence or influence was particularly strong. The Moon.
"During the times of great indecision and confusion in your life, you need to make wise choices. When your husband needed your care the most(the darkest period of your life) and you didn't walk away, you chose the hardest road to follow, and honored your commitment despite your personal agony. The right choice for you."

What would you like me to know at the moment? The Wheel.
"Life moves forward and as long as your wheel remains grounded(in balance), so will you. If not, you'll be left spinning your wheels."

With those words, she left me to my thoughts, and I got the distinct impression she was saying to herself, "it's about time..."


Kafka's Ghost said...

Heehee...those spirit guides have incredible personalities.

Anonymous said...

I love this concept of interviewing our Spirit Guides. I'll be trying this over the weekend. Thank you for sharing!

Cath said...

Yep - I'm trying this one myself when I can find the focus to do it (I don't want to annoy them by making a half-hearted effort).

Nice reading. :)

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