Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sprit Guides #3 and #4 reveal themselves

For each Guide I've been re-ordering the deck and shuffling till I feel(or maybe it's when they feel) it's time to stop and turn the cards.

Spirit Guide #3
#2. Tell me something about your personality and/or temperament. Temperance.
"I bring balance, reminders to temper one element of your life with the others."

#3. Why are you with me? Kind of Swords.
"The time of study alone is past. While intellectual study is a fine endeavor in it's own right, keeping an open mind is vital as there is more to be considered. Learning is more than study, it is experiencing life."

#4. When is your presence the strongest? 9 of Cups
"I'm with you when you're experiencing the pleasures, the simple things in life, when you're aware of all that surrounds you."

#5. Please tell me an event in which your presence or influence was particularly strong. 9 of Wands
"When you were preparing to move back home after your husband died, leaving behind the pain and hopelessness, facing your fears of the unknowns in your future, hesitant to allow hope to re-enter your heart."

#6. What would you like me to know at this moment. Knight of Swords
"It is time to place hesitancy in the past, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step."

Spirit Guide #4

#2. Tell me something about your personality and/or temperament. Palace of Wands
"I feed hopes and dreams for the future. I live in the realm of inspiration and possibilities."

#3. Why are you with me? The Devil
"You hide from your potential. I am here to help you overcome the inner critic, your shadow self, the lack of self-worth, the perfectionism and procrastination that haunt you."

#4. When is your presence the strongest? Palace of Coins
"When you believe in yourself, and move forward with your personal goals. When you take care of your needs first, you're creating a 'home', your place of comfort."

#5. Please tell me an event in which your presence or influence was particularly strong. The Empress
"I take pride in the fact that your latest bonus is being spent on your needs/wants and yours alone."

#6. What would you like me to know at the moment. The Chariot
"You hold the reins to your future, your way forward comes down to showing the confidence in your skills in handling the direction of your life. In letting your True Self shine through."

When I drew the cards for this guide, I knew by the shivers running down my back that he's one of the most powerful guides in my life at this moment. I've gotten the shivers again, just typing this one up. I also asked him how many years he's been with me, the answer was 5.

I noticed great similarities between these last two guides and wondered if they could be one in the same. I did the Yes/No/Maybe spread, asking if they were indeed the same guide and the answer was a definitive NO!

Two more of my Guides have now consented to an interview. I'll be talking with them later this week. I'm enjoying getting to know them, and I think am more aware of their actions in my daily life.

In the Tarot of Dreams(2nd edition) each suit has a 15th card, the Palace. From the guidebook, "In a reading, the Palace cards indicate the energies of the suit expressed as an environment." Ciro described them as "Tarot of Dreams real estate". The images are of beautiful multi-leveled residences set in idyllic settings. I love seeing them come up in readings.


Dancing Gemini said...

These readings are super awesome. I love reading about everyone's spirit guides.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leigh,

I love this spread.

I don't know if you saw this, but I added a spread to this one. It gets into more specifics on your guides and it also helps develop your awareness. Look at Aeclectic under spreads. The post is titled 'Getting closer to your Guides spread.'



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