Saturday, August 21, 2010

Decisions, decisions, decisions....

My card for last night was The Lovers VI. This card shows a couple making love in the woods. She's wearing a garland of flowers in her hair and he's got a leafy wreath with antlers on his head. It is Beltane and the time of celebrating the Wiccan Great Rite. It is also about the union of the two aspects of the self-conscious and unconscious.

One of the passages in the book that I connect with is: "To find fulfillment, purpose, meaning, enlightenment, wisdom and our full worth as individuals, we need to go beyond the confines of the self, to surrender to the 'More-than-Self'."

Another states-"At every moment in your waking life you have a choice: often these choices are simple, but sometimes they can be profound, and can provoke crises in your life."

And one more-" The psychologist and author James Hillman says, 'To be in an authentic dilemma is a tremendous privilege'. It may not feel like a privilege to you at the moment, but it is through engaging the dilemmas in your life that you develop maturity and depth of soul."

And you thought The Lovers was all about finding the love of your life!



Enelinwen said...

These are really wonderful quotes! And so helpful when it comes to The Lovers. There are some cards that I get stuck in Tunnel Vision rut with. Which is why I am so enjoying the '21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card' by Mary Greer. It is really expanding my mind of what I'm missing in the images. :)



Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

This is a fantastic deck and book set. I think I'm going to be starting an IDS with it next month, go really indepth with it.

:) Leigh

Enelinwen said...

The IDS sounds like a really good idea! I mean getting deep into working with the individual cards is exactly what I think would bring me a better understanding of using the cards, and hopefully lead to a better understanding of myself. I'm never sure if the problem, when I'm 'reading' something is 'right.' Or is there a right and wrong? Anyway... as ever, you're an inspiration for me.



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