Wednesday, August 11, 2010


After my daily draw and post yesterday, I've been thinking about simplicity more and more. It's causing me to look at my possessions with a new eye. I am a packrat and do have too many things-some(okay maybe alot) of them can be disposed of, donated, sold, etc., without undue stress on my part.

My card today seemed quite appropriate. The 4 of Pentacles! Yep, here's a guy kneeling in front of a chest, a bag of treasures/coins/goodies by his side. He's got the key in the lock and is about to open the chest and store his bag of goodies inside.

This can be looked at in many different ways. Is he saving for his future? Storing keepsakes for future generations? Or is he adding to his already bulging collection of what I fondly refer to as "stuff"? There was a movie with Steve Martin in it, the name escapes me right now, but one of his lines is that everyone has to have their 'stuff'(or something to that effect).

The book refers to pentacles and fours both being associated with Earth, matter, material possessions.

All these connections in just 3 days..... I wonder what I'll draw for my daily card tomorrow?


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Enelinwen said...

Oh! "A Place For My Stuff." That's a George Carlin routine! Great and funny!

I sure do know that 4 of Pents dude quite well, myself. I like the way you have put how the various possibilities of what his turning the key might mean!



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