Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something To Think About...

My daily draw for today was the Ten of Pentacles. Hmm....10's two days in a row....is it possibly an indication of changes to come? The ending of one cycle and the start of something new to take me in a different direction? Time will tell.

This card depicts 3 generations of a family, pet included, in a home setting. An elderly gentleman surrounded by wife, granddaughter, with daughter in the background. It is a reminder to never forget the blessings you have, the abundance of the life that surrounds you. Even during times of struggle, there is much to be grateful for and to acknowledge.

The funny thing is that I just finished reading an article on simple living. A woman and her husband had taken on a challenge and pared down their belongings to just 100 things(she didn't say whether they still adhere to that limit). She spoke of getting rid of their 2 vehicles, their TV, and many of their possessions. Biking and walking everywhere in their daily lives, moving to a smaller dwelling, reducing her work hours and income, working from home, having more time to enjoy their life, and being happier. She said it was a gradual process of a couple years.

It was a good example in today's world of that 10 of Pentacles. It's got me thinking along the lines of just exactly how much of my "stuff" is unnecesssary clutter. Tarot decks, books and accessories excluded(of course)! While some things, like giving up my car, would be impractical(not biking 15 miles to work on a Michigan winter day), It's a very appealing thought.


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