Thursday, August 19, 2010

Card for contemplation, this evening.

Tonight's card is Rebirth XX. In traditional tarot it is the Judgement card, which does carry a Christian undertone that wouldn't fit with Druid/Wiccan spiritualities. The card shows a young child, nude, walking out of a temple. A man stands to his left sounding a trumpet. As in announcing the child's arrival, completion of a ritual, a new beginning to greet/witness.

This card is about heeding the call for change/renewal. The changes may already have begun, leaving you with the decision to make the most of it, using your resources creatively, or passively letting life take you in whatever direction it will.

This is where I find myself. Standing on the brink of change/renewal, knowing that the key lies in the decisions I make. There is alot to overcome, as in bad/lazy habits. You get comfortable doing things a certain way, don't want change to rock the boat and show you that your way isn't working out so well. Knowing that you have to leave some of these comforts behind, that they don't serve your wellbeing. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure holding you back, hesitating on that first and even second step. The question that can be even more frightening is...what happens if I don't take this first and second step? Then where will I be?

The reverse meaning states just exactly what I've just expressed. I don't think I've ever read that passage before. Food for much thought...



Enelinwen said...

I'm thinking as much as we don't want to leave the old comforts behind, they were new once, and it wasn't until we changed that we saw there were just as much comforts in the new way as in the old, and actually served who we are now even better. Remember the lemonade :)

A really good contemplation you've written about. Agreed on the traditional. Happily, Robin Wood's Judgement, is in name only. The image is the phoenix, along with the woman, rising up into the newness.



Leigh/BlueDragonfly said...

That fits the "rebirth" theme perfectly! Judgement does carry the same basic theme, but it shows moving past this plane of existence in many depictions. I was never a fan of the Judgement card simply because of that.

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